UPDATED August 25, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Events


UPDATED August 25, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Events


Tour d’Afrique Ltd. becomes TDA Global Cycling

We hope the new name makes all our cycling adventures equally recognized, and eliminates some confusion for new customers

In September, you will see a new company name and a new web address to go along with it. We have been called Tour d’Afrique Ltd. all these years, partly because we have a long history in Africa. Henry Gold, our founder, first travelled to Africa in 1984. In the last 14 years we have brought over 500 cyclists to experience this amazing continent. In 2016 we will have yet another tour on the continent – Madagascar. And looking further ahead, we still dream of a West African tour.

But a name for our company that better reflects the far reaching tours we run was long overdue. We are pleased to announce that we 2015-01-09 18.22.19are now officially TDA Global Cycling. We are the same company, same employees, and same outlook. Just a new name.

We hope the new name brings equal recognition to all our cycling adventures, and eliminates some confusion for new customers who are not intending to ride with us just in Africa.

Our tour of Africa will of course still be called the Tour d’Afrique (spaces on the 2016 tour are still available). That classic tour is what we started with and it remains a very important tour in our calendar. It was recently featured in a book review on CNN for The Cyclist’s Bucket List.

Viv Horton Pic2Over the next few weeks, you will see our website transition to the new name. Our website address along with our email addresses will reflect the new name (www.TDAGlobalCycling.com), but you will continue to be able to access them the same as you always have using the original URL.

Our social media handles will also be updated as follows, but you will continue to be listed as a friend/follower if you were before.

/tdaglobalcycling on Facebook

@tdacycling on Instagram and Twitter

Have some questions about the change? See any places that still refer to our old name? Please let us know.


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TDA global cycling more accurately describes this unique company. With whom can one circle the world by bicycle? TDA global cycling! Congratulations on a successful rebranding.

Excellent choice! I can tell you that whenever I mention “Tour d’Afrique” in conversation, the response is typically a quizzical, “What?” With “TDA Global Cycling” the answer is clear from the start, no explanation necessary. Good job!

A very appropriate re-naming while keeping the connection with the origins and a true reflection of the present and future.

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