UPDATED September 22, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Trans-Europa

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UPDATED September 22, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Trans-Europa

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Trans-Europa Riders Speak Out

Rider comments from the Trans-Europa bicycle tour:

“I loved the cycling, the adventures, the countries visited.”

vineyards outside Krems - Austria hi res

“Firstly I have to praise TdA for allowing me (70+ and slow) to participate in this most rewarding experience. To see 10 countries at avg. speed of 20 km/hour is totally awesome.”

Spain - Walker on the pass

“Overall, a great experience. This was my first bike tour I was really worried I would be too slow. I was also nervous about joining the group not knowing anyone else. I found there were riders of all speeds and I was never the slowest. All the riders were friendly and It was easy to make friends. A number of whom I am in regular contact with. The tour staff were all fantastic, friendly , supportive, knowledgeable and helpful. I am really looking forward to my next ride The Bamboo Road! I am looking forward to catching up with the Trans Europe riders who are also doing the Bamboo Road. The whole experience was great. I was challenged on all levels. I got to see parts of the country and meet people that would not have been a possibility from a car or bus. – Kaye Hudson (New Zealand)

Spain - Relaxed ride on the old train line

“I have just completed my second tour with TdA, finishing the Trans Europa ride in Lisbon. The route, cities and towns visited, accommodation, foods experienced have left lifelong memories. Great support throughout was provided by tour staff. The whole experience was enhanced by being shared with a great bunch of like minded cyclists.” – Brett Lanham (Australia)

Italy - Carol and Walker riding long the Po river

“If you are up for a demanding physical challenge, and a grand adventure with an opportunity to meet like minded individuals it’s a great way to see Europe.”

Estonia - The new bike-path leaving Tallinn is 3m wide with street lights ...and 18 km long

“I would love to ride again. The old cities to the countries are some of the most exciting in the world. Just because all of this tour really opens your eyes not only to the history but also to the geography.”

Way to Salone de Provance

“The ideal combination of “roughing it” and hotel lodging on a guided, supported, expedition-like cycling tour.” – Troy Gillenwater (USA)

Slovenia - Bridge for bicycles and pedestrians only

“A fantastic experience crossing a continent via a route less traveled with a bunch of like minded people.” – Peter Hodges (New Zealand)

Spain - Danya flying down the hill

“Great experience to see parts of the world most people don’t think about visiting.”

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Great Post! Really it’s a fantastic experience for bike tour. Thank you so much for sharing this useful your bike travelling experience.

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