UPDATED January 21, 2016

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, North American Epic

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UPDATED January 21, 2016

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, North American Epic

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2015 North American Epic cyclists speak out

“The entire staff were excellent The whole trip was very good, and the scenery in Alberta, Montana and Utah was wonderful.” – Robert Fletcher (Canada)

Thumbs up from EFI rider, Bob

“Just do it! If cycling is your thing, it will be one of the best experiences so far. I really regret I did not do the whole trip Anchorage-Mexico.” – Remmelt van der Wal (Netherlands)

Marielle and Beate dwarfed by trees and mountains.

“The landscape, scenery, great cycling and people! We had an amazing group and I made such fast and good friends that I can’t wait to see again. The staff were also incredible. I’ve never eaten so well.” – Rana Freedman (USA)

emily and yanez 1

“Great tour company. Very supportive to ensure that I have a successful ride. The staff went out-of-the-way to include my wife, and through that, she is very comfortable letting me do the Tour d’Afrique in 2016. Thanks for a great and memorable bike ride.” – Keith Hazeldine (Canada)

Chris pedals past Summit Lake.

“The staff was professional and there was not a day I did not enjoy the experience.” – Dan Squires (Canada)

Rod and Diane with Matanuska Glacier behind

“Great biking experience. Meet interesting people. Great support.” – Philip Gordin (Canada)

Tomato, Basil, and Mozarella salal looking very delicious.

“The riding was great- the food was fantastic, the guides were fantastic.” – Morris Kansun (Canada)


“A great experience. A cultural and physical challenge well worth the effort.” – Mike Hennessey (Canada)

The dry, hot, colorado landscape.

“Fantastic!” – Viv Horton (United Kingdom)

Wayne rides past palm trees in mainland Mexico

“TDA c’est une expédition hors de l’ordinaire. C’est une rencontre avec soi, avec nos forces et avec nos limites. C’est une rencontre avec une autre culture que l’on découvre au détour d’une route. C’est aussi une rencontre avec des gens que tu apprends à connaître au fils des jours, ils te rendent plus fort, plus ouvert et surtout plus emphatique.” – Isabelle Roy (Canada)

A great spot for camping in Baja

“The trip of a lifetime” – Fiona Craig (Australia)

A busy first coke stop in Mexico

“Just go for it. Period.” _ Francine Plante (Canada)

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