UPDATED January 20, 2016

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Ruta Maya


UPDATED January 20, 2016

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Ruta Maya


2015 Ruta Maya cyclists speak out

“The trip was a blast “ – Eleanor Patterson (Australia)


“The most challenging trip I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. Riding through incredible scenery, seeing close up how another part of the world lives, eating massive amounts of food, ending each day worn out but oh so satisfied, spending time with an incredible group of people – what else is there to say !?!” – Jim Raddatz (Canada)

Riders relaxing in Bacao

“Great people. Amazing staff. And really tough riding.” – Joseph Lee (Canada)

Granada at Night

“Great People, great Landscape, great sport.” – Jan Knackmuss (Germany)

Volcanoes of Guatemala 6

“It was a really tough ride with lots of climbing and lots of dirt road but you are rewarded with an incredible experience and stunning views of 5 different countries, beautiful places on the rest days and a a nice group of other riders. Its a physical challenge but everyday after the riding you are glad, proud and satisfied to have done this trip.” – Juergen Willrodt (Germany)

One of many abandoned churches

“I really liked my expedition, the scenery was amazing, the route is interesting as we go through small villages where tourists don’t usually go.” – Marie-Jose Vasseur (Canada)

View from a high up dirt road

“Awesome!” – Marie-Christine Fleury (Canada)

Sarah Lara Lisa Geraldine Warren

“If you are looking for an adventure, its great I loved it. Good people and well organized. The tour was great it was very challenging, more so than expected, but beautiful.” – Geraldine Pacques (Canada)

That tree shouldnt be there - teamwork

“Good group, good leadership, good drivers. interesting route; lots of mountain country, some amazing country & spectacular views, very much off the beaten track, some great rest day places. This is a great ride in the hills of Central America. Enjoy the ride through traditional rural villages and farms in the mountains. Friendly people. ” – Charles Feaver (Canada)

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So Juergen Willrodt mentioned “..a really tough ride with lots of climbing and lots of dirt road..”. I’m not scared of climbing, but how much dirt are we talking about? I’m particularly interested in Section 3 – Volcanoes & Temples. That section is marked Average Difficulty, which means terrain is more of a factor, but how much more? One of the participants or guides answer please. Thank you.

    Hi Mikhail, That is a beautiful section but it has much less climbing and dirt than the other two. The second and third days are pretty amazing with some huge climbs and some dirt roads. After that you descend into Northern Guatemala which is much flatter and pretty much all paved. Hope you can join us. Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any additional information.

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