UPDATED January 20, 2016

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, South American Epic

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UPDATED January 20, 2016

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, South American Epic

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2015 South American Epic cyclists speak out

“I really like how you guys ride that fine line between organized and loco. It seems to come with the territory, and that’s part of what makes it great.” – Peter Stennhauser (USA)

Mountain roads wind their way up above the clouds.

“I like the epic nature of the tour. Setting out on such a long tour with a great support staff is quite a privilege experienced by very few people. It was also very rewarding being places that very few people ever get to see, nevertheless bike ride. I don’t think the SAE can readily be summed up as one type of tour. Parts of the tour were fantastic: great riding, excellent scenery, smooth roads, and sunny days. Other days had me wondering what I signed up for: mud, cold, altitude sickness, dirt/sand/rocky roads. This tour will provide some of the best and worst (most challenging) riding you’ll likely ever encounter. Be prepared for absolutely everything. You’ll likely encounter it…” – Mark Heim (USA)

Mark and Nelson ride off into the fog of the coast

“If you enjoy riding a bicycle, its a must do in your lifetime.” – Jessica Wolf (USA)

Nelson griding gravel before getting to camp

“Cycling the SA Epic was the trip of a lifetime. We were treated to an impressive, super scenic route, with a healthy dose of local culture. Such a magical, diverse route, each day a new adventure, seen from the “best seat in the house”, that of a simple bicycle. Yes, it was challenging, but with those challenges came great rewards. Thank you TDA global cycling, for having the courage to ‘take the road less travelled’, from the shores of the Caribbean sea to magnificent Andes, From the jungles in Ecuador to the beaches in Peru, magnificent Patagonia, the SA Epic is one heck of a rip roaring adventure!” – Chris Wille (Canada)

Chris speeds past a mural in Cerro Azul

“It´s a unique and hard tour. Expect humidity heat, burning sun, rain, snow, frost, fog, mud, bad gravel, sand, potholes, corrugation, road blocs, hard climbs, altitude sickness, diarrhoea, cold showers, nerving border-crossing. The landscapes, the Inca-culture and the experiences are great, I really can recommend this tour.” – Erwin Attenberger (Germany)

Buttery smooth roads and stunning scenery

“This is a chance to leave the ordinary world behind for almost half a year of adventures and mindful presence on your saddle while seeing stunning landscapes and learning about lost and present cultures.” – Per Sorner (Sweden)

Bob rides at the base of countless waterfalls and massive glaciers

“Beautiful, challenging ride through the Andes gives you a great feel for Columbia – both the sophisticated urban culture and rural farming life. Come as fit as you can – be prepared to challenge yourself and be rewarded in many ways.” – David Saevitzon (Canada)

Photo 2015-07-17, 5 58 52 PM

“Do it if you need an explosive break in your life! after two days of TDA life you have forgotten all about your normal life, and you can fully enjoy the present.” – Gabrielle Bohrer (Switzerland)

Photo 2015-07-26, 11 28 50 AM

“It is a very efficient way to get oneself out on the bicycle in far-flung parts of the world. With a minimum of planning, you experience the best of what adventure bicycle touring offers, from scenery, to exercise, to interaction with local inhabitants, to an opportunity to make new friends among fellow riders from a variety of countries and backgrounds.” – Fred Promoli (Canada)

Annegrate makes her way through the green tunnel on the Trampoline of Death

“This is a lifestyle that one can get very attached to. Seeing different places in the world from the seat of your bike and meeting new people along the way. The luxury in this type of touring is in being able to get on your bike each day and ride while someone else meets you at the end of the day with all your stuff. Eat! Sleep! Ride! Repeat! with a new destination every day. What an amazing gift.” – Linda Wille (Canada)

Endless miles of beautiful rolling green hills in the Antioquia region

“Incredible experience, the hardest thing I have done in my life I think, physically and mentally. Enormous payback, both in seeing parts of the world in a way that is normally impossible, and in gaining some perspective on life in North America, and how much I take for granted.” – Nelson LaCharity (Canada)

Latitude 0

“Just go for the adventure. Epic, emotional, intense, rewarding, enjoyable.” – Francois-Louis Comyn (Belgium)

Poor, poor components

“This was an incredible journey that challanged me both physically and mentally .I would say it is the hardest thing I have every undertaken ( bar parenting) Completing the full tour riding most days and noticing the ongoing improvement in my physical ability was immensely satifying. There was some jaw droppingly stunning scenery, great interactions with locals and the TDA staff provided constant support and encouragement.” – Kaye Hudson (New Zealand)

Riding through ould train tunnels in the Totocoa Desert

“Be prepared to face some of the harshest conditions from weather to the route to the camping.Be prepared to cycle in some of the most scenic and desolate areas on earth. Be prepared for the awe. Expect the unexpected!” – Lorry Schmidt (Canada)

The road to Uspallata

“The highlight for both Ronda and me was the mud day along the river. Lots of skill and intelligence needed. Patience rewarded. The Colombians along the way were fun and helpful and crossing the warm caramel river in a hand built wood ferry was a hoot.” – Tim Padmore (Canada)

Wide open campsite in the Andes

“I love TDA tours like this one, where the cycling is very intense but you feel so confident in the staff that you can let go of worrying and spending mental energy about all the extraneous logistics and things outside your control and just focus on the cycling and experiencing the world around you. I am amazed at how much I learn about myself and how much I learn and grow from the other people on the tour and the way other cultures approach the world.” – Shirley Frye (USA)

La Gramita was a fantastic place for a rest day

“If you’re looking for a challenge and a chance to really see South America in a way that few people get to see it, then do this tour. The SAE was a high point in my touring life and this tour and others like it are really making my retirement exciting and fulfilling.” – Dan Frye (USA)

Just like riding in Colorado or Utah, views like this everywhere

“It is a fantastic tour. I have seen and experienced things and sceneries that I had no suspicion existed.” – Klaus Michael Jensen (Germany)

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