Cycling the Silk Route: Part 3 of our 9-Part YouTube Series



Last Friday in our monthly newsletter we announced the release of the third in our series Cycling the Silk Route – a 9-part YouTube series. During each of the coming months, we will be releasing one episode each month. The best way to make sure you don’t miss it is to sign up to our monthly newsletter where the official release happens.

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Part 3: Gorno Altaysk to Almaty

On the section known as Khans & Kazakhs, This section takes the riders through some little-visited regions of the world. From the capital of the Russian Altai Republic, the Silk Route cyclists will pedal north towards the friendly city of Biysk before veering off southwest towards the Kazakhstan border. The route there will take the riders through a variety of small, traditional Siberian villages where they will experience the inhabitants’ legendary hospitality, as well as exchanging some intoxicating toasts with the villagers to celebrate their passage. The Silk Route then heads south through the sparsely populated, windswept landscape of Eastern Kazakhstan before washing up in Usharal where the cyclists can enjoy a trip to beautiful Lake Alakol. The cyclists finally head towards Almaty, a cosmopolitan city beautifully set in the foothills of the spectacular Tian Shin Mountains and the end to this intriguing section. Along the way they will have the opportunity to look for the elusive Kazak petroglyphs and enjoy a warm swim in Lake Kapchagai, a popular resort destination for the locals.

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