UPDATED May 26, 2017

BY The TDA Team

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UPDATED May 26, 2017

BY The TDA Team

IN Events, Staff Picks


Join our Guest Rider Days. See What our Cycling Tours are all About

We have cycling tours in over 80 countries around the world. On each of these tours, we pass through a variety of cities and towns in Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand and beyond – and so there is a pretty good chance that we will have a cycle tour that will be passing near to you in the next 18 months.

That’s why we created Guest Rider Days so that you can come and experience our cycle tours without having to commit to a longer expedition. Just a few nights, close to where you live to get a feel for what the daily routines are like, and more importantly, what type of people take part in these grand cycling adventures.

This program is open to anyone who has never ridden with us before and is willing to challenge themselves for a few days of cycling on our tour!

How it Works


  1. Take a look at our calendar, and our tour map and see where our tours come nearest to where you live.
  2. Send us an email, and tell us that you are interested in participating in the Guest Rider Days.
  3. As the date of the Guest Rider Days draw near, we will send you a few forms, and let you know where and when to meet with the group.

Then you set off with the group! Headed for new adventures with some new cycling friends.

What We Cover, What You Cover

We will carry your bags in our support vehicles and feed you most meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the ride. We will also cover your camping fees and staff will be available to answer your questions and make you feel at home… on the road.

Transportation to meet us (and to return home) and hotel arrangements (and costs) are at your own expense and you will need to come with your own bike and camping gear. If you are staying offsite from the rest of the group, you will also need to find your own way to join the group each morning.

The Guest Rider Days program is intended for those who have never been on our tours before, but former TDA participants can inquire to see if space is available to ride for a day or two when the tour pass near their home.

Spaces are limited to 3 guest riders in any one location, so make sure to contact us well in advance.

>>Email us to work out the details

What Riders Said About Guest Rider Days…

Veronica-300x416Veronica from Wellington, New Zealand

“It was such a pleasure to join your ride from Napier to Wellington as a guest. Wonderful company superb support and a privilege to enjoy the TDA family for a bit. You have quite a package I have to say. Once again thanks for you wonderful generosity in adding me to your trip. I hope I will get to do more with you.”






Ray-Bielaskie1-300x398Ray from Ottawa, Canada

“It was a physically challenging three days but very rewarding…I have always been tempted by the rides offered by TDA and I appreciated the opportunity to get a taste of them. Am I prepared to sign up for a two month ride? Probably not, but a 1-2 week section could be in the cards.”






We would love to introduce you to what we do and prove to you that this is not only for uber-athletes or experienced adventurers. It’s for anyone willing to try something a little different, to take on a real challenge and be rewarded with tired legs and a deep sense of accomplishment. Do you think you might enjoy a couple days on the road with us?

>>Email us to work out the details

15 Comments for "Join our Guest Rider Days. See What our Cycling Tours are all About"

Your pub tour inUK passes quite close to me so a few days riding with you would be good . Dennis

    Hi Dennis, I’ve sent you an email and we can discuss where abouts you live in relation to the tour. Hope to see you next spring 🙂

Would like to try your guest rides please

I like the idea of Guest Rider Days, I’m keen to check out Australia / NZ routes, timing, costs, etc. Awaiting your reply with eager anticipation.
Denis Marra

    Great Denis,
    We could accommodate you for some Guest Riders Days on our Trans-Oceania next year. I’ll send you an email and depending when you are available I can suggest some interesting places to join us for three days.

Please send information

    Sure Ann, I’m emailing you with more details.


I have been very interested for many years to join one of your trips. I would very much like to join you for a few days next year . I live in Cape Town but could also join you in Namibia as I work in Windhoek some of the time

Look forward to hearing from you



    Windhoek could work. I’ll email you with some more details Charl. Thanks for your interest.

Dear TDA – is be very interested in joining you for a few days this year. I live in Turangi, a small town in the middle of the North Island in New Zealand. I can travel anywhere in the country.

Many thanks,


    Hey Paul, we have replied by email. Hope it works out for you to join us in NZ for some Guest Days!

Hi. My name is Kerrie and I have been looking at your rides for the past year and interested in joining you for a come try few days. Is there anything available in Victoria Australia? I live in Horsham witch is about half way between Melbourne and Adelaide. Thanks, Kerrie

Hi. Just wondering if there are any come try days available on the trans Atlantic ride. I live in Horsham with is half way between Melbourne and Adelaide. Cheers, Kerrie

    yes, that is definitely possible. I will email you with details Kerrie and hope you are able to come cycle with us

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