Cycling the Silk Route: Part 7 of our 9-Part YouTube Series


Last Friday in our monthly newsletter we announced the release of the seventh in our series Cycling the Silk Route – a 9-part YouTube series. During each of the coming months, we will be releasing one episode each month. The best way to make sure you don’t miss it is to sign up to our monthly newsletter where the official release happens.

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Part 7: Ashgabat to Tehran

The seventh episode covers the Magic Carpet Ride section of the Silk Route. Riders leave Ashgabat, a city being transformed into a fantasy of white marble palaces, modern apartment blocks and large fountain complexes and turn south and tackle the high hills of the Turkmen Steppes, whose quiet roads lead to the Iranian border. As we dare to remove the veil and enter a world less traveled, we are rewarded by the hospitality of the Iranian people, the natural beauty of their country and the richness of its history.

>>Learn more about the Magic Carpet Ride section 


>>Learn more about the Magic Carpet Ride section


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