TDA Global Cycling Now Pedalling Through 82 countries…and Counting!

TDA Global Cycling is a small company – very small. If you want to find out how small we are, try this experiment. Hire a couple of communications students with a video camera at your local college and send them on the street to ask people a simple question; have you ever heard of a company called TDA Global Cycling?

Then ask them if they heard of Starbucks, McDonald, Amazon, ZARA, IKEA, Tesla, HSBC – just to name a few. Now ask your students to inquire if the “man on the street” can tell you in how many countries does McDonald sell hamburgers; in how many countries does Amazon sell their products; in how many countries does Zara have stores? Then ask the person on the street, how many countries does TDA Global Cycling operate tours in? Would you like to know the answers to some of these questions? I think you just may be surprised.

  • Starbucks is in 70 countries
  • IKEA has stores in 51 countries
  •  Amazon has offices in 16 countries and ships to 75 countries
  • Apple has stores in 22 countries
  • Zara has stores in 88 countries
  • Your friendly ‘world local bank’, HSBC, has offices in 67 countries
  • In 2016 Tesla sold their cars in 20 countries
  • MacDonald’s sells their burgers in 119 countries and territories but they also count such well-known states as Mayotte, San Marino, Gibraltar, American Samoa, Isle of Man, Jersey, Saint Marten, Northern Marianas, Portuguese Macau, Curacao, Honk Kong, Guam, US Virgin islands, & Puerto Rico.

Now comes the punch line – TDA Global Cycling, our little 15 year old company that has always maintained that the best way to promote alternative transportation, adventure, health, to fight xenophobia and to simply enjoy life, is to cycle the world, now operates tours in 82 countries. Not too shabby, eh?


Stay tuned for further developments and spread the word about our tiny company that loves to cycle the world.

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