UPDATED January 5, 2018

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Staff Picks, Tour d'Afrique


UPDATED January 5, 2018

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Staff Picks, Tour d'Afrique


Following The Riders Of The 2018 Tour d’Afrique

Every year a number of Tour d’Afrique riders decide to write a blog so that people can follow along as they cycle across Africa. Here are the 2018 full tour cyclists who are doing so this time around.

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The Tour d’Afrique – a test of mind, body, and bicycle

Life is about the adventure along the way not the final destination. I’m sure this is going to be one hell of an adventure.” – Martin Arrell (New Zealand)

Legs & Feets – A Journey

We have been traveling since 2016. Earlier this year we purchased a Tandem Bicycle in the UK and have ridden from Nordkapp Norway to Italy. Now we plan to extend our trip through Africa.” – Mitchel Bulthuis & Lesa Shields (USA)

De Sjaak in Africa

Het begon allemaal als een leuk idee en een stoere uitdaging. En het was nog zo ver weg. Gewoon door Afrika fietsen, van noord naar zuid. Genieten van het fietsen, het eindeloze fietsen dag in dag uit, en genieten van de mooiste natuur ter wereld.” – Aedo Hoekstra (Netherlands)

Emma Pedals Africa

Join me and my two wheeled companion as we undertake 120 days of physical, mental and emotional adventure.” – Emma Oliver (UK)

Here Be Dragons

So I’m going to cycle it…12,000 km from top to tip of the most misunderstood Continent. Because out on the road, with nothing but a bike and a camera, I believe there still Be Dragons. Unknown wonders around every turn in the road.” – Karen Robyn (Canada)

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6 Comments for "Following The Riders Of The 2018 Tour d’Afrique"

I’m seriously considering riding the Tour d’Afrique next year. I’m keen to read the blogs and learn more about this incredible adventure.

    Hi Clement, We look forward to having you with us next year. We have emailed you some information on how to register for the trip.

Ja! Where Are You guys? “Abu Simbel” Now? Please post something … anything if you can, so a’ watching from Vancouver Canada 🙂

    Riding into Abu Simbel today.

I have not been able to follow the 2018 Tour d’Afrique. Are there any blogs, if so how do we view.

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