Trans-Oceania Riders Declare: It Was A Ripsnorter!

We asked the cyclists who took part in the 2016 Trans-Oceania Cycling Expedition what they thought of their experience. Here are some of their responses.

An amazing country side, with wondrous birds, animals and vegetation and local roadhouses that take you back to the sixties, make the trans-oceania an exhilarating experience you do not want to miss.” – Yvonne Waalewijn (Netherlands)

The scenery and route are amazing, and the support staff is outstanding. Be prepared to ride long and hard days, but when you get home, you’ll have a hard time getting the ride out of your head! You’ll miss being on your bike in an amazing area of the world, and you’ll be proud of what you accomplished!” – Eve Holland (USA)

The scenery will seduce you while the TDA crew go out of their way to make sure you do have a great adventure. Plenty of sheep, goats, cows, kiwi fruit, hills, mountains and postcard worthy scenery.” – Chris Wille (Canada)

The New Zealand sections of the Trans-Oceania encompasses a great ride. Not too long, covers many of the iconic Kiwi tourist attractions, great camps and accommodation, but still throws in plenty of challenges for a cyclist.” – Brett Lanham (Australia)

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The leadership and support crew on our trip were outstanding. New Zealand is beautiful with amazingly diverse landscape, agriculture, and geography.” – Rae Simpson (Canada)

Cycling in Australia and New Zealand is always spectacular. The TDA crew far exceeded my expectations. I have been on two prior TDA tours and this crew was the best. They connected with the riders in a way I haven’t seen before and made the whole experience a great pleasure. Meals were great; route flagging and support were great. They worked very well together to make an enjoyable trip for all the participants.” – Dan Kirby (USA)

This is best way to see the world up close and personal. You are well taken care of and have the freedom to ride at your own pace without the burden of carrying all your gear. You will be challenged and definitely rewarded, and will meet the most interesting people. Be open to exploring beyond the ride of each day. Enjoy each and every day!!!” – Linda Wille (Canada)

Stunning scenery, great comradeship and a very varied and challenging ride. Not to be missed if you enjoy cycling and love a physical challenge.” – Bill Wilson (Canada)

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