Two Months in, See Who Has Applied

When we announced the Best. Video Internship. Ever. in February we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew that this was a great opportunity for someone aspiring for a video related career. We imagined there must be many people who would jump at the chance to travel and work this fall. But we didn’t know exactly who would apply.

Now two months into the campaign, we have been pleasantly surprised both with the applications that have arrived, and the media coverage the internship has received.

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Applications from Boston to Brussels, Caracas to Vancouver

This video below is a brief sampling of the many quality applications we’ve received and we expect many more to come. There were applications from men and women, young and old (though we encourage more women to apply – only one out of every five applications were from women). The applicants were from several different countries, with a variety of skills and experience that they brought with them. They were video hobbyists, social media content creators, on camera talent, a director of photography, a filmmaker and more.

We wanted to thank each and every applicant who has taken the time to apply. The process is quite involved; requiring the candidates to not only submit a video of themselves (as featured above) but to also complete a thorough application form and edit together some of our video clips – so we can see their editing talents first hand.

What the Media Has Been Saying

Forbes called it a “Dream Job… an opportunity for an amateur videographer to travel with cyclists and document toursRead the article here.

Well + Good says “there has to be a catch, right? Not really. The company says it’ll foot the bill for flights, vaccinations, insurance, visas, food, accommodations…and even up to $1000 for cool equipmentRead the article here.

From Lonely Planet “If you’ve got skills as a videographer and a love of travel, a cycling tour group has a dream internship for you.Read the article here.

Teen Vogue explains “Your work rhythm is totally up to you… Ride alongside cyclists one day and capture candid interactions the next from a supporting vehicle… The key, however, isn’t to create a Power Point of what you saw, but to capture the culture and scenery through a narrative arc.Read the article here.

People were talking about it on Twitter…

Still Time to Apply

There is still time. If you think this suits your skills and interests you have until June 1 to apply. And we will start contacting candidates for follow up interviews as early as June 2, with our final decision on the 2018 Video Intern being made no later than July 1.

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Thank you and good luck to all who apply!

(if you know someone who would be perfect for this internship, we encourage you to share this with them)

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