UPDATED July 14, 2019

BY The TDA Team

IN West Africa en Vélo

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UPDATED July 14, 2019

BY The TDA Team

IN West Africa en Vélo

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“Far Out”: 2018 West Africa en Vélo Riders Look Back On Their Journey

An incredible experience: challenging riding, fascinating cultures, tough conditions, brutal heat and humidity, and great company! I’m a fairly intrepid traveller, but I would never have tackled West Africa on my own, and the staff and fellow riders made it so enjoyable.” – Joseph Lee (Canada)

I loved this tour very, very much. I was the oldest woman of the group as well as the weakest cyclist – I was aware of this before I left and it made me somewhat uneasy. But I never once got the feeling that I was a burden to the staff.” – Huberte Langteine (Canada)

Phenomenal trip, the memories will last a lifetime. There were some tough moments but most days it felt like a real privilege to be there on my bike.” – Kevin McAleer (Canada)

Experiencing the countryside and culture of West Africa was everything I’d hoped it would be, and the Tour gave us the freedom to do so in our own way, while providing excellent support and logistics. Most of all, being part of an extraordinary group of people facing extraordinary challenges was an experience that we have too rarely in life. Very glad I did this ride.” – Mateo Burtch (USA)

Far out!” – Bob Whitehead (Hong Kong)

It’s an amazing adventure, from the changing landscapes to the variety of cultures and wildly varied road conditions. The staff are great and camaraderie of riders keep everything interesting. The days are challenging enough that you always feel like you’ve earned the experiences.” – Dan Johnson (USA)

Overall a great experience made possible by the hard work and dedication of a fantastic crew, and an amazing group of riders.” – Steve Winter (UK)

Challenging and rewarding. Great support by all staff.” – Joost Kramer (Netherlands)

Incredibly well organized by a hard working team, all I had to do was wake up and cycle.” – Craig George (Australia)

An incredible experience that I am still trying to describe. I look at the photos and I am in awe of what we have experienced.” – David Jones (Canada)


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