UPDATED March 25, 2021

BY Miles MacDonald

IN 7 Wonders of Turkey


UPDATED March 25, 2021

BY Miles MacDonald

IN 7 Wonders of Turkey


7 Wonders Of Turkey


TDA is very lucky to have had Ozgur Karatas, one of our experienced tour leaders and a native of Turkey, help us design our route for the 7 Wonders of Turkey. Our Operations Manager, Miles MacDonald, who has spent much time living and working in Turkey over the last 2 decades, has also put his knowledge into the route. We wanted to share the highlights from the tour and are very excited to introduce you to the 7 Wonders of Turkey.


One of the world’s most famous geological settings, with its fairy chimney formations, sandstone caves, and picture-perfect sunrises. From before the 6th century BCE, Cappadocia has been the seat of local Kingdoms, as well as under the rule of more powerful Empires. Perhaps most famously it was a province of the Roman empire, during which underground defensive fortifications were built, which still exist to this day. Early Christianity also flourished in Cappadocia, with churches and temples carved into the local sandstone. No trip to Cappadocia is complete either without an early morning hot air balloon ride.


Home of the whirling Dervishes, or Mevlevi Order, formed by the teachings of the great Sufi Islam theologian, Rumi, who also has his final resting place in Konya. A visit to the Mevlana museum allows for a thorough introduction to the history and beauty of the Order, as well as an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Whirling Dervishes meditation in practice.

Kas (Mediterranean Coast)

Kas, on the majestic Mediterranean Coastline of Turkey, presents an opportunity to either bask in the sun, enjoying the splendid turquoise waters, or if one wishes, dive right into those waters. World famous diving and snorkelling awaits, with sea turtles, myriad fish, as well as a sunken ship to explore and reportedly even a sunken tank!:)

Blue Voyage

No trip to Turkey is complete without experiencing a Blue Voyage. What is this? Well, in essence it is a vacation from a vacation. A chance to travel on a large sailboat, captained by an experienced team, sipping your beer or Raki, eating delicious food, diving into the pristine Aegean waters near to Bodrum, visiting ancient ruins and small bays only accessible by boat. Seeing the bright stars from the deck of the boat at night, and generally enjoying every moment of this relaxing 3-day voyage.


One of the most spectacular ruins of an ancient civilization in the world, and a UNESCO world heritage site, Ephesus was first settled approximately 3000 years ago, and remained an strategic city associated with many empires until the demise of its harbor led to it’s abandonment over 500 years ago. Today one can walk along its ancient boulevard up to the “Great Theatre”, which once sat upwards of 20,000 people for theatre, sports or perhaps a political debate.

Troy Museum

Opened in 2018, the museum of the ancient city of Troy, located in Canakkale, has won multiple archeological awards for its clear presentation of the history of this lost city, as well as of course it’s famous Trojan Horse. Whether the story of Troy told in Homer’s “The Iliad” is all accurate or not may be difficult for anyone to declare with certainty, but the museum brings Homer’s time to life, and it is easy to imagine oneself amongst the people of the time in Troy, waiting out the 10 year siege against the city, only to see it fall from brilliant trickery.


A city which needs little introduction. Once Byzantium, then Constantinople and finally Istanbul. The cities layers of civilization give the chance to visit famous religious sites such as the Hagia Sophia, or Blue Mosque. Perhaps drink a tea from the heights of the Genoese built Galata Tower. Explore the Roman aqueducts and cisterns, or perhaps take a walk to the fish markets by the Bosporus and enjoy the fresh seafood and the company of the countless wandering cats who have also added to the city’s fame.


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Big unveiling of this trip, but then, after six months it disappeared. Initially I thought COVID-19 was to blame, but your other rides haven’t disappeared. What’s the story on the 7 Wonders of Turkey?

    Hi Kurt, At the time, COVID restrictions prevented us from running this tour. We do not have any concrete plans to run this tour in the next year or two but perhaps in the future.

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