UPDATED June 7, 2022

BY The TDA Team

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UPDATED June 7, 2022

BY The TDA Team

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Making Friends As A Solo Traveler On A TDA Tour


Joining a group of likeminded strangers can be an exhilarating and very rewarding experience. If you love exploring the world by bike and are unsure about joining one of our group tours by yourself, we thought we’d spend a moment to reassure you that, in fact, most of our cyclists are just like you – arriving solo.

Are the tours mostly full of couples and friends traveling together?

No. While it varies tour to tour, typically 60 – 70% of our participants come as solo travellers. You can view the profiles of the registered riders on each tour page to give you an idea of the types of people you will be cycling with.

Will it cost more to come as a solo traveler?

No. All our tour prices are based on people joining the tour as individuals. When you come solo we pair you with another rider of the same gender for room sharing at hotels. For people who want to have a single room, there is sometimes a single supplement available at an additional charge. These are offered on a limited basis and only on some tours.

Who are the participants?

As Kim explains in the video below “There are all types of riders.” and “The bond comes through experiencing things together.”

What are the tours like for solo travellers?

Our cycling tours are great for solo travellers of any age, because you will meet other likeminded adventurers. Our groups vary in size, with a minimum size of 8 to 10 cyclists and a maximum of 40 – 50 and an average of about 25 cyclists. If that sounds like a lot, it’s not. Remember that you cycle at your own speed, and don’t have to wait for anyone or feel that you need to keep pace with the people ahead of you. You will find a riding buddy who compliments your speed and style and then set off and enjoy your day. We provide the support and route which you navigate along using a GPS track and the rest of the day is your adventure – stop where you like, visit local cafes and shops, take pictures of the great views, or pedal along at whatever speed suits you.

What our Cyclists Say


“Every rider brought something positive to the group as a whole. There was always lots of encouragement and positive words offered by every rider and always lots of smiles at the end of every day.” – Bonnie (USA), North American Epic

“Great group of cyclists, lots good banter, fun excursions along the way, good food and cold beer.” – Carmel (Australia), North American Epic

“My fellow riders were a great bunch; very open, accepting, and fun to be with day and night. I’m looking forward to meeting them again.” – John (USA), Orient Express

“Way more fun than I ever imagined. I expected long, hard days…I did not expect to almost fall off my bike laughing on numerous occasions!” – Sally-Anne (UK), Tour d’Afrique


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