UPDATED August 31, 2022

BY The TDA Team

IN Pub Ride


UPDATED August 31, 2022

BY The TDA Team

IN Pub Ride


Cycling the Pub Ride – New Video Series Just Released


“I always think about the serendipity that allowed this group of people from around the world to come together and to be so kind and generous and helpful to each other.” – 2022 Pub Ride participant

The Pub Ride has been one of our most popular rides in Europe over the last few years. In fact, the next edition in 2024 already has over 10 people registered! One of our regular Content Creators, Coby Werlin (who brought us The Odyssey and North American Epic videos, among others) has just completed his latest video series for us. This time he joined Pub Riders as they cycled (and drank) their way from Dublin, Ireland to Copenhagen, Denmark earlier this year.

From his view behind the camera and from the insight he gathered from sit-down interviews with the participants, he had a unique window into the experience. Part one is below and you can follow the link at the end of the video for part 2 (or click here). So watch the video, and then read on as I ask Coby more about that perspective and his advice for future participants.

Videographer Coby Werlin on What Motivated the Riders, and Advice for Future Participants

Why did people choose the Pub Ride – was it more the ‘pub’ or the ‘ride’? Or something else entirely?

I think the ride and the pub were a bit of the yin and the yang of this tour. It was clear that what brought the group together was encountering these major obstacles (mostly the hills and some stages of 120+ km) and laughing it off over a pint in the hotel later that evening. By the time we crossed the Channel over to the flatlands of continental Europe, it was smooth cycling all the way to Copenhagen, allowing all of the riders to bask in the challenges that were behind them, and focus more on the brews ahead.

What is a piece of advice for someone who’s a bit nervous about trying their first group cycling tour in Europe?

This was a common discussion among the Pub riders, as many of them were new to group rides in Europe, and the consensus was that unless you are training in the UK (lots of hills in the UK!), there isn’t exactly a full way to train for a ride like this, and the final step of “training” for this ride is doing the ride itself.

Of course everyone arrived in Dublin with a fair bit of training from their home countries, but what got them through the tour was the support that came from fellow riders and staff to persevere, focusing on the beauty of the landscape or the cold pint they’d reward themselves with later that day. Many riders chose to ride together, both for the sake of camaraderie as well as drafting, so that they could take a rest stop together at a bar or cafe mid-ride, and help each other get through the tough bits.

If you’re nervous about doing your first group tour in Europe, just know that you’re not alone, and that it is a challenging ride for the entire group. All you need to do is arrive with a bit of training, total comfort on your bike, and the readiness to push yourself a little harder each day little by little.

What is your favourite memory from the tour?

I had a blast in Scotland! The terrain was tough, but terrific. The countryside was so lush, with some of the most beautiful climbs and satisfying descents. We had amazing weather, and the Scots were so friendly and curious about our adventure. I was blown away by the beauty of Edinburgh, especially since we were extremely fortunate to see it on the first sunny day of Scotland’s summer. From the fantastical forest bike path that led into the city to our departing bike path that stretched along Portobello Beach, it was like cycling through a fairytale, and while riding on the cobblestones in Edinburgh was a bit of a challenge, it was such a pleasure to explore the beauty of the Scottish capital.


Pub Ride

Over 5 weeks we’ll cycle from storied Dublin to the waterfront of Copenhagen. Through Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands...

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Amazing Coby. Thanks for bringing our 2022 Pub Ride to life and creating indelible memories for us all. It was like doing the ride all over again (except no hills!). You’re a true professional – it was a pleasure to share the five weeks with you.
Bob Cheek
Pub Rider 2022

I am keeping my fingers crossed that a space becomes available in 2024 on this awesome looking tour. In the mean time it is fun to looking into past tour pix and info.

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