The dream comes true

Our journey begins here in Buenos Aires, a buzzing city of 12 million nestled against the Rio de la Plata. From the moment you arrive your eyes are working overtime to take in all the wonderful sights: diverse architecture, colorful graffiti, vast parks, mad traffic and beautiful people all vie for your attention.

While the city is massive, the interesting parts are all within reasonable walking distance. Each barrio has its own flavor, its own highlights. Wander these neighborhoods and you begin to gain a sense of the diversity of this city. It isn’t until you pursue your interests that you really understand what makes this city buzz; get lost in a colossal bookstore, attend a riotous soccer match, dance the night away, or tuck into the world’s finest steak. Buenos Aires is a city of meat, not garnish.

It has been fantastic to explore this city for a few days as we prepare for our journey. But as our time slips away , many of us find ourselves asking- “do we really have to leave?”

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