Tough days

All the days except the first have been running at around 150km’s. On its own 150kms is a big day but not unbearable, we have had 30-50kms of dirt roads added into that mix as well as 35-38c heat. 4 days in and I think most of the group is feeling it a little. Yesterday threw in a brutal cross and head wind to battle with, the terrain is flat and unspectacular making the mind games take over at times on the road. James the chef observed he can tell a hard day when there is left over food, people are so tired they can’t even summon the energy to go and get seconds, eating itself taking too much effort at that point of the day.

I have been incredibly impressed with the groups teamwork and camaraderie, there are a number of riders who have never done more than 60kms before and aren’t passionate cyclists but the willingness to battle on each day even this early on has surprised me. Slowly the routine is kicking in, each morning people seem to be a little faster to drop their tents, the chef is telling less people where to find their breakfast (always amuses me when three months in people still cannot figure out that the same flask that has had hot water every day so far will most likely be the best place to look for hot water.) Today finds us with 138kms from Bouquet to Villa Maria, the wind is brutal though the direction is a little more favourable than yesterday, and as I sit at lunch waiting for the riders to come in, I’m feeling grateful that a few clouds have rolled in to take away the heat we have been riding through. Roads are finally quiet having taken a few days to properly get away from the crazy traffic of Buenos Aires.


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