5 quick links about the bicycle

What a wonderful thing the bike is.  Not only does it give you freedom and provide an entirely new way to explore the world but it gives you access to the wonderful community cyclists who share your passion.  I recently discovered a wonderful website full of bicycle related stories.  I’d buy it as a book if I could.  It’s called simply Bike Reader.  

Here are a few samples, enjoy:

Taming the Bicycle by Mark Twain:

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live.”

Just Do It:

“You didn't worry about your first bike rides. You didn't fret over equipment and gear sizes and whether you had the maps. You just went. And I bet that to this day you remember every one of those childhood expeditions.”

The law defying qualities of Cyclo-Math

Cyclo-Math is an obscure branch of mathematics which describes phenomena which defy all known axioms of Newtonian Physics, and Relativistic Bicycle Mechanics. Cyclo-Math accurately describes paranormal phenomena cyclists encounter almost every ride.”

Riding the Pan American Highway

“Zero to 60 and back to zero all within a split second. Great specs for a sports car, but rather deadly for a marathon cyclist. To make things worse, I'm presently being humped by my bike. I'm basically the meat in a helmet-less, shirtless, sunny-side down sandwich of scratched and bruised bacon over raw asphalt. It's no mystery what hit me. I saw the ferris wheel-colored, diesel-puking bus with its tiny red cotton balls jingling under the "Dios es mi co-piloto" windshield prayer.”

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