And that’s a wrap!


It’s been an incredible 11 weeks crossing the entire European continent from north to south and east to west and suddenly we find ourselves at our destination, Lisbon.

We began in St. Petersburg where the sun shined all day and all night, and now we’ve entered the beginning of autumn and for the first time in a month the weather has turned cloudy and wet.  We were lucky though in that our final convoy into the maze of streets that is central Lisbon was dry and everyone made it to our hotel safe and sound.

Tonight brings a final dinner where stories from the tour will be told and more cycling and traveling plans for the future will be made.

Tomorrow will begin the dissolution of our group of strong willed cyclists, heading to all corners of the globe.  What they’ll take with them is their incredible accomplishment… over 6000km ridden, 14 countries passed through, thousands of meters of climbing, rain, wind, heat waves galore… and most of all they’ll take with them that they got through everything with the help of each other.


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