Cinelli, Songo & TDA


Songo Fipaza has a huge heart and he uses it to help disadvantaged children in his community called Kayamandi in the Western Cape, South Africa. Songo started Songo.Info, together with Christoph Sauser, a Swiss national and world champion mountain biker.  Songo.Info is a social development program that provides sport and recreational activities to children, offer a safe place to play and grow and establish values of accountability and responsibility.

They aim to run a consistent and sustainable sports development program providing children with opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive sporting activities while contributing to the social upliftment of the community.

Songo is forever taking his kids on the road to compete in bike races all over the country. The kids are healthy and strong, and have renewed hope through the opportunity to cycle.

This year Tour d’Afrique Ltd got in touch with Songo and his kids and donated the leftover tires, bike spares, medical equipment, and energy bars to Songo’s kids.  As the Cinelli box only arrived in South Africa after the riders of Tda 2012 had already left South Africa, it was decided to give the kids an early Christmas present: brand new, real Italian shirts! And they love it!

Thanks Cinelli.

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