UPDATED September 17, 2012

BY Michael Coo

IN Silk Route

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UPDATED September 17, 2012

BY Michael Coo

IN Silk Route

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Rider Profile: Jan Kramer (Full Tour)

For posterity, tell us your full name, age occupation and anything you’d like to tell us about yourself.

Jan Kremer, 29 years young from Utrecht, IT project manager. I love cycling, swimming and any kind of sports.

Do you have any favourite rides?

I really like the northern part of Portugal and Spain. They have beautiful mountains, small back roads, good views and good wine. I had some really good rides in Umbria, Italy a few times as well.

Why did you choose the Silk Route bike tour for your next adventure?

I always wanted to cycle throughout the world and I read about this route in National Geographic. It said it was one of the 50 tours you have to do in your lifetime and I’ve always had it in my head since then.

What made you a little nervous about this trip?

I’m used to cycle on my own, making my own plan, so I’m a bit nervous on how things are organized.

Which part have you enjoyed most so far and what are you still looking forward to?

The Pamir Highway has been a highlight and I’m still looking forward to Iran and Turkey. I was very happy when I found tulip bulbs in Kyrgyzstan and finding silk next to the roads in China. Also the beautiful cotton fields next to the road in Uzbekistan. There have been too many highlights to mention them all.

What kind of bike did you bring?

They call it The Tank due to the fat tires. In Holland we have a lot of specialised trekking bikes and this is one of them. It’s a SNEL – Savanne, good for rough roads, plain and simple. I’ve only had three flats so far and no mechanical issues at all.

How did you training beforehand? Did you feel prepared?

I went spinning mostly but I’d been cycling for many years so I knew I can sit on my bike the whole day and that’s the most important thing.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone going on their first tour with us what would it be?

Enjoy your day and don’t get into camp too early. Don’t spend too much time on cleaning your bike

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