Sand Storm 2013

Sun, Sand and Tents

John F hiding outThe day started like any other day; sunshine, nice tail winds, smooth pavement, easy day.  As the morning went on, the tail winds grew stronger.  The tail winds grew stronger and stronger, taking with it everything in its path which, in the Sahara, is not  much more than sand.  The landscape became softened, tree trunks disappearing into the blur of the horizon. The winds grew stronger still, sand rushing across the road ahead, growing and growing until before you knew it, the horizon was gone.  Soon after the horizon disappeared, so did the sun, setting into a haze of desert storm.  It was an eerie sort of twilight from noon onwards. The winds continued to build well into the evening.  Eating the post ride soup became impossible from a spoon.  The winds would whisk it quickly away.  Putting up tents became a five person job while going to the bathroom became a very careful one. Some decided just to sleep out in their sleeping bags, some hidden by small stone walls at camp, but either way the entire camp was soon covered in a thin bronzed layer of sand. The winds kept strong well through the night, making it a sleepless night for many, only to wake up and do it all again.  Riders departed into the fog of sand in the morning in hopes of a clear day to come.

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To coin a phrase from The Doomsday Ride- “Brutiful”

Scary!!!and what happened the next day?

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