Girl Power in Addis

Local Riders

Local LadiesSince our set off in Cairo, we’ve met many cyclists.  From the boys of the Cairo Cycle Club who rode with us to the border, the local riders in Khartoum, and the many locals in the villages all throughout, it is apparent here just as anywhere else in the world, that the sport of cycling is predominantly driven by men.

Rolling in with LocalsHere in the capital city of Ethiopia, there is another story brewing.  Not yet out of high school, with a background in running, this small handful of women have managed to find their way into a love of cycling.  There are no programs in place, or resources to bring young women into the sport, but with a background in competitive running, these few found their way.  After seeing a few races themselves and knowing they had the competitive spirit, they thought they’d take the risk.  Quickly finding that they were able to win a few races, they were able to work their way into the local cycling clubs in Addis.  With such minimal support, and bikes with repair needs visible to the most novice of cyclist, nothing stops these girls from putting a few 100kms on their bikes each week. It was inspiring to meet these girls and fun to ride with as they joined us for the ride in and out of Addis Ababa.

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Hopefully they will be able to influence other women to join them.

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