Last Day in Namibia

Walking on the moon

Last day in Namibia, last border to cross, last rest day, last mandatory race day. For a seemingly endless expedition, the finish line is for the first time a beckoning speck on the horizon. Sitting in the setting sun on the shore of the Orange River looking across to South Africa, the vanishing light is all too symbolic of one long story about to end.

100 stories to be told of what brought each individual to the TDA, and now another 100 stories of what each is taking home.

As the tour comes to an end, it’s the best of days and the worst of days that stand out as the defining moments of tour. As for the rest; it’s nothing but the best of memories that float to the surface from this point onward. The worst of days are battle scars worn proudly, the pain and suffering of the EFIers have nothing but glory to report on, and all the others are simply a hilarious story of adventure.

How the highs and lows of the tour have come and gone, traded places, and turned around are all part of a true expedition. The process of turning expectations into realities and a routine into an adventure is all up to the individual to make the most of it, and 2nd place racer Phil Howardsettle in to a space of personal happiness and sustainability, regardless of the adversity of it all. At the on-set, the chaos was sought out, celebrated and relished. Nothing felt routine, and the road ahead was a great mysterious adventure. By now it’s a matter of survival, “how many kms” “what does the road look like” “what does camp look like” “how far to the closest coke stop” “what are the winds supposed to be doing tomorrow” “how many meters of climbing after lunch?” and on. What now feels like an all too predictable pace of life is the very rhythm of life that was the source of joy and peace in the on set. What do you love about tour life? Asked months ago to a handful of riders;

Sussanne“The simplicity”

“the fact that I don’t need to think about anything if I don’t want to”

“I can just get on my bike, enjoy the ride, and that’s it”

All bitter sweet realities ticking their way to Cape Town only to quickly jump back to the ‘real world’, whatever that might be. The one journey that we have shared is a bicycle ride from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa, however the personal stories of success and suffering are a separate reality on to themselves. 100 stories to be told of what brought each individual to the TDA, and now another 100 stories of what each is taking home. Holding on to the mind, body and soul to keep it together for just one more week, and if we’re lucking enough, we’ll have another great week of adventures to be celebrated, and told to those on the edge of their seat, waiting to see us back home.

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Congrats to all 2013 TDA riders!
Savour your last week and last country.
Reality will come soon enough.
Enjoy the Camraderie of your fellow riders,and TDA staff. Ride well, be safe-
You are all amazing!

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