North American Epic Begins.

Today, American Independence Day, we here at TDA are pleased to initiate the 1st ever organized cycling expedition from Alaska to Mexico. While there are numerous cycling trips that cross North America from west to east or visa versa, we saw that there were none that tackled the continent from north to south. True to TDA tradition we decided to create something that had previously not existed – the North American Epic Cycling Expedition.

Stage 41 Missouri Headwaters info boardTour leader Cristiano Werneck, while scouting the route earlier this year, found himself at the headwaters of the Missouri River. There he contemplated what Thomas Jefferson, who had blessed the Lewis & Clark expedition that discovered the source of this great river, would say if he knew that many years later a group of intrepid cyclists would undertake a similarly arduous 4 month journey across North America, covering over 10,000kms and passing through some of the most beautiful regions on earth.

So we took the liberty of paraphrasing Jefferson and we would like to think that this is what he would have said:

“The object of your mission is to explore the best cycling route of North America from its source in Anchorage, Alaska to its destination the Teotihuacan Pyramid in Mexico City and to do it on your bicycles, as, by its pace and versatility it will inspire future generations to respect and love this continent and establish equality, freedom, peace and friendships for all of its inhabitants”.

All of us at TDA wish our NAE riders and staff good luck and may you have a most remarkable adventure.

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Look forward to catching up with all of you. I will be there within a month,

Best. Of luck to all NorthAmerican Epic riders!
Bon Route!

Chris Wille

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