Welcome to the Orient Express

If you make a mistake, your journey will be two times longer

It always takes a few days for things to settle in on tour. Learning names, figuring out how camp is set up… where the tea table is, where the dishes are, how to wash them, where to find water and who rides at who’s pace. I’m glad to report we have moved past this stage on this year’s Orient Express. The first week jitters are over and almost everyone has found their place. We have now moved onto figuring out who tells the best stories, who likes beer and who likes wine (and who likes rum), which tents are good neighbours and which ones not so good.

Plombieres sous bain – beautiful spa placeTime has flown and already we have arrived in our second country. France treated us well with sunny skies and beautiful villages accompanying us all the way to the Rhine River and Germany seems like it’s in the same good mood. There is not a cloud in the sky and as the bells of the Freiburg cathedral fills the air you can just feel we have another good few days coming up.

Tomorrow we keep heading east toward Donaueschingen which is the source of the Danube. From there we follow the river all the way to Vienna along beautifully maintained bicycle paths. It has been a good start, today is a good day and it seems like the next six weeks will carry on in the same spirit. Put on your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, the Orient Express is well and truly underway.

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