Raising the Bar

As the 2013 North American Epic Bicycle Expedition reaches the one-quarter mark of its 10,000 km journey from Alaska to Mexico, it’s time to recognize the unsung hero of this tour, namely Clif Bar, the “leader in organic nutrition and energy foods and drinks.”

Prior to the tour, and with the approval of their California headquarters, Clif Bar’s Ontario representative agreed to sponsor the NAE with about 7,000 sample and full size pieces of their products, including Cran Razz Shot Bloks energy chews, Blueberry Crisp Clif Bars and protein rich Builder’s Bars. This very generous contribution amounts to 3 energy food supplements per tour rider and staff person per day.

photoSo, as we spin down the Alaska Highway, up and over the Rocky Mountains, across the deserts of Arizona and Baja California, and into Mexico City, that little extra ooomph we have in our pedal strokes is courtesy of Clif Bar and their delicious fuels. All in all it’s proving to be a great partnership between 2 companies who have always dared to “raise the bar..”

It is therefore both an honour and a pleasure for Tour d’Afrique Ltd to recognize and salute Clif Bar for their support of our intrepid cyclists, many of whom are raising their own personal bars by undertaking this adventure of a lifetime.

For more information about Clif Bar, its philosophy and products, please visit www.clifbar.com

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I look forward to seeing your group in Banff, especially to rub shoulders with those who are doing the FULL epic.
My hat off to Clif, a long time favorite of mine as I ride.
Ride well, ride safely!!

Love Clif bar.
Hope they will sponsor the 2014 Tour d’Afrique as well! 🙂

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