Is the 7Epics the greatest journey in the world?

I would just add three words…on a bicycle

Conde Nast Traveller is considered to be one of the premier travel magazines in the world. It is not a magazine that I normally read, but last weekend while returning some books to my local library, my eyes gravitated to a magazine lying on the desk with the headline “The Greatest Journey in the World“. Now anybody who knows me will understand that if I am asked what the greatest journey in the world is, I will answer the 7EPICS. Obviously I am biased. After all, our company created the 7EPICS cycling expeditions. So what is the greatest journey in the world all about? The Conde Nast Traveller headlines goes on: “12 countries, 24 cities, 40 hotels, 135 meals“.

Mark-going-downhillThose of you who have been on any of our Epic tours or even the shorter tours such as the Indian Adventure or La Ruta Maya, know that those Conde Nast’s statistics are dwarfed by our tours. After all, 7Epics covers over 50 countries, God knows how many cities, and so on. In any case, my curiosity stirred, I picked up the magazine, and came across highlights for the countries included in Conde Nast’s greatest journey:

Singapore – because it’s the financial powerhouse of the East
Vietnam – because it’s Asia’s comeback kid
Cambodia – because it’s the country with one of the world’s greatest monuments
Thailand – because it’s the country that launched a thousand dreams
China – because the greatest civilization is having a spectacular second act
India – because it’s the most colorful, maddening, thrilling, exhausting and unforgettable place you’ll ever go.
Bali – because Indonesia’s Magic Isle is still one of the most seductive places on earth

Now, who am I to argue with Conde Nast regarding their choice of the Greatest Journey? On the other hand, if you cycle our Indian Adventure I believe you will not disagree with the headline they chose for India. For that matter if you cycle the Silk Route you will not dispute the headline for China. Nor if you are cycling on The Bamboo Road will you will dispute the headlines for Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. And if you plan to cycle with us on the Trans-Oceania next year, you will certainly discover the magic of Bali.

tourdafrique_indian adventure 2012 (89)

Celebrations on ferryOf course, unlike the Conde Nast Greatest Journey, on our tours you will need to pedal…a lot! The CN journey took 45 days (much of it in airports) and was done by one individual. Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to establish lifelong friendships with fellow travellers or spend time with local farmers – events that are commonplace on our tours. Nevertheless, I understand the Conde Nast editors. They are in the business of selling magazines and making money from advertising. Writing about our tours would probably do neither.

Coincidentally, there was an advertisement in the magazine that stated “If you are looking for transcendence bliss, and complete escape from the ordinary in the exotic, the beautiful, and unexpected, you’ll find it in India.” I agree wholeheartedly but I would just add three words…on a bicycle.

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