The Bamboo Road in China: An Early Look Back


We about to close the door on our passage way through China and open a new door of wonders in Vietnam. But not before a brief recollection of events, sights and memories of a few usual ‘unusual’ weeks with the TDA roadshow.

IMAG0191Shanghai is a distant memory – hundreds of kilometres of what seemed an Endless City…a harsh introduction to Chinese traffic, road rules and a quantity of scooters that still boggles the mind. Passing through several hundred kilometers of the ‘New China’… more housing developments than anyone on the trip could ever have dreamt up. The riders certainly got to see China’s Master Plan for the future. With humidity on the increase and the amount of traffic at possibly an all time high for most people, several days of winding through quiet country roads and rolling hills came as a great reprieve. The sights, smells and tastes have been a daily change for us. Small market towns always provide intriguing sensory moments….you can always rely on the local street butcher to provide a little ‘shock factor’ to the show.

DSC01472Hong Kong became a ‘Western World Binge’ for most…the coffee shops and fast food chains were guaranteed rider hangouts throughout the 3 rest days. With some riders leaving and several newbies arriving, it made for some added chaos to the ferry trip across the water to Macau. We left Macau before the gambling dens captured our wallets and souls and soon we were back to our normal tuna mayo, egg mayo and beef strip lunches.

DSC01529Hotels have provided some highs and lows – solid plank-like beds, internet strength from the 80’s and several establishments becoming a Night Club/Kareokee Bar – we sure had a variation of the good and bad….unpredictability is always the beauty of TDA. Now fluent in the hand and basic sound communication required in order to survive and sort issues out, most of us are progressing well with our chopstick abilities.

Soon we venture into a new country to start all over again – with new local guides, vans and ways of how things work….

The wheels roll on….. to the border we go…


— Spanner Man – AKA Douglas Percival (Bamboo Road 2013 Bike mechanic)

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Kendy Madden’s mother. Have not heard from Kendy since her accident. Seek reassurance. Is she
able to bike?

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