February TDA Book Review

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Whether you sail or cycle, there is a whole world out there to explore and it will be a lot more interesting with a hot lover

So this Aussie girl goes out partying all night and then wakes up in a strange bed – naked. She knows she is in San Francisco but can’t remember the name of the guy she went home with. She normally does not do this kind of thing, she says. But her memory has been drowned in gin and vermouth. Should we believe her? Well, it doesn’t really matter.

Pondering her questionable morals is soon replaced by feverishly turning the pages to find out what happens next. Love with a Chance of Drowning is the true story of Torre DeRoche’s madcap adventure that sees her sailing the Pacific with a man she just met. Mills and Boon can’t make this stuff up. The guy she met in the bar is called Ivan Nepomnaschy, a surname that she thinks sounds like a cat walking across a keyboard. He is six feet tall, blond, green eyes, gorgeous – and madly in love with her. He has also just bought a battered, leaky old boat and is going to sail around the world. He wants her to go with him. All fine and dandy, but DeRoche is petrified of the ocean and suffers from a severe case of Selachophobia – fear of sharks – and just generally a fear of everything new. Reluctantly DeRoche agrees to go with her Argentinean lover, who incidentally knows virtually zero about sailing. She also soon discovers that Ivan is incredibly accident prone. After a few quick sailing lessons the two set off on one of the most awesome journeys I have ever heard about. For two years they sail the Pacific Ocean. They visit golden sanded islands, meet raconteurs, almost drown a few times, fight, make love, make new friends, nearly starve and feast from the ocean and the kindness of strangers. Ivan clumsily fumbles his way through the adventure. His entire body is whipped and stung by jellyfish. He accidentally shoots a fellow snorkeller with his speargun, forgets to tie up the safety boat which causes it to sink, and so on it goes.

Torre_On_Amazing_Grace1Meanwhile DeRoche perfects the art of projectile vomiting overboard and finally takes a leap into the ocean to go snorkeling with Moray eels. It is a wonderful adventure told with much humor and honesty. It would probably be described as chick lit but I would highly recommend it to everyone who believes in love, or wants to believe in love, and who loves to travel. The locations they visit, the adventures they had and the locals they met along their journey to discover each other and themselves, will make you want to grab the classifieds and look for a second hand sailing boat and an exotic single. DeRoche and Ivan have not stopped traveling. The bug has bitten and they are still as much in love and are still exploring the world and their own limitations. You can find her blog here. She is a hugely entertaining writer.

If sailing is not quite your thing, you can always join the 7Epics club. Runners have the 7 marathons. Mountain climbers have the 7 summits. Sailors have the 7 seas. Cyclists now have the 7Epics. Whether you sail or cycle, there is a whole world out there to explore and it will be a lot more interesting with a hot lover.

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