UPDATED April 29, 2024

BY Shanny Hill

IN Cycle Touring Advice

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UPDATED April 29, 2024

BY Shanny Hill

IN Cycle Touring Advice

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Can I Do It? Can I Really Cycle A TDA Global Cycling Tour?


“Some days the mileage seems really tough…you just get one pedal stroke in at a time, you just kinda roll with it. It’s all part of the experience. It makes you a better person I think.” – Lloyd Strong on the 2019 North American Epic

We pride ourselves on creating very ambitious and challenging tours that are not meant for professional athletes but, instead, for regular people like you and me. Our cyclists come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are fast, some are slow. Some are older, some are young. Some are world travellers, some are not. Here are some thoughtful and inspiring words of encouragement from past riders to help you consider doing a cycling tour someday. Maybe start with something small in your neighbourhood, building up to something bigger and more ambitious over time. Like one of our many adventures on offer!

Start Small, Start at Home

"Start small, start at home. Ride everyday...doesn't matter how much or how little. Maybe increase it a bit over time. .. You can do this. I didn't start cycling til I was 42. I didn't go on my first tour until I was 59!"

One Pedal Stroke at a Time

"No two days will ever be the same on TDA tours...There's so much to learn...the things you find out about yourself is amazing. What your willing to put up with, what your not willing to put up with."

'I'm happy everyday'

"I'm not doing dangerous things but I always like to do adventures to take in the feeling of how the country is."

Daniel's first day on tour

"I had a lot of nerves when I was preparing for the tour...When I started on my bike, every worry went away."

You Can Get it Done

"It doesn't seem accessible when you look at it...it's doable by every ordinary person. Don't look at this as the people are super human."

Good Amongst Bad

"Whatever there is that's bad, if you look you'll find something that's good to go alongside that. I'm not the best cyclist, not the bravest... but this is what I signed up for."

It's the Mental Challenge

"You are gonna build up stamina...in your body and your mind. Can I - with my mind and my body - get over whatever the obstacle that is in front of me. It's only through rising to these challenges that you really get to appreciate where you are in the world."

Become Part of a Team

"You just become part of a team.... you turn up as individuals...you get a little bit of encouragement and these things that look really hard to do, everyone just does it."

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