The Heat is on in India

stage 20 ellora hotel and friendly monkey with merril and bill

We just reached the town of Ellora, the heat is blazing but we are doing pretty well! We keep well hydrated and fed, and aside from some “Delhi belly” issues, cyclists are getting stronger and faster by the day.

celebrity stage 19

Hippie Trail riders are very popular with the locals

Ellora is a very popular touristic destination so we don’t stand out as much, but as we pedaled through the countryside in the Madhya Pradesh and Maharasthra states we have all experienced what it means to be a celebrity. Mobs of friendly and curious locals surround us and ask to take pictures almost constantly. One photo! One photo! In the city of Karghone, our hotel was assaulted by the local press who documented every minute of our stay: meeting, dinner, breakfast and departure! It’s almost too much, but people here as so friendly it’s hard to say no.

ajanta cves

Tour Leader Cristiano makes a rare sightseeing appearance

We tackled our first serious climbing days in the sudden heat that appeared almost overnight to reach Ajanta, where we had the chance to visit the wonderful caves. Even the ever-working Cristiano, AKA the Boss, joined us for some sightseeing, what a treat!

full tuktuk ride

Hippie Trail riders enjoy a group tuk tuk ride

Now we have another rest day before the four stages that will take us to Mumbai. More news and pictures to come as we continue this wonderful cycling journey through India!

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