UPDATED July 1, 2016

BY Michael Coo

IN Company, Staff Picks


UPDATED July 1, 2016

BY Michael Coo

IN Company, Staff Picks


Finding Your Way Home – A Photo Essay

Our little cycling company certainly has its share of eccentricities. And, yes, I am referring to more than just the staff. While many other bicycle tour companies rush headlong into the technological age and offer riders GPS downloads for their trips, we here at TDA Global Cycling prefer to encourage our cycling family to use all their faculties when riding with us. Not only does this avoid some embarrassing situations and may just save your mind, we believe it results in a more enjoyable ride and involves the cyclists more meaningfully in their surroundings

Stage 107 - Entre Lagos to Puerto Montt

Each night, the next day’s cycling directions are written out on a whiteboard and the riders can either take a photo of them (hi-tech) or copy them down with pen and paper (low tech). The next morning all they have to do is follow those directions and keep a keen eye out for our distinctive TDA (biodegradable) flagging tape which we use to indicate which way the cyclists should go. What could possibly go wrong?


Tanks for the information.


Have no fear, you are heading in the right direction.

Panajachel to Sacapulas 017

Tour Leader Cristiano helps out with directions.

Sophisticated directions - Sandra Simon

Salt can be used for more than seasoning food.


Flagging tape can be a little too attractive to some people!


Thinking outside the box.


Keeping it away from the kids.

rock flagging

Hmmm, was it left or right at the rock?

Photo 2016-06-14, 6 20 48 AM

All the information you will need.


Please take a sip and move on.

2013-04-06 15.06.30

Are you guys looking for this?


Our riders love flagging tape.

2012-11-22 09.28.54

Sometimes a few words are needed…

flagging powder

No flagging tape? No worries, we have energy drink powder.


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Pay attention to which side the tape should be or you ride a 70 km circle as i did on the Bamboo Road in China ……
Oh what fun it is to ride with TdA – they picked me up – Thank YOU, Sharita!!!!

Looking to cycle Lake District of patagonias
Can you help?

    Hi Glen, Can you email me with some clearer idea of where you want to cycle in Patagonia? [email protected]

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