UPDATED January 22, 2018

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Hippie Trail, Staff Picks


UPDATED January 22, 2018

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Hippie Trail, Staff Picks


Hippie Trail Cyclists Speak Out – “Righteous, Groovy & Way Out”


Be prepared for a great experience. India will surprise you in many ways. You will be treated like a celebrity at times and will be amazed at the friendliness and openness of the people. You are likely to make lifelong friends from around the world. The trip surpassed my expectations in so many ways; other people on the trip, the fun we had, contrasts between rural and urban India, being able to get off the beaten track and visit locals in their homes, stay in wonderful palaces and forts and see so many great historic sites.” – Richard Force (United Kingdom), 2016


To be truthful I have always wanted to go to India but was afraid because of all the negative press. The trip was an amazing eye opener. I loved all aspects. It threw out all those fears & preconceived notions that I had. The scenery, the friendly people & their curiosity, the variety of biking conditions, the delightful surprises with regard to the accommodation, the food, the culture & certainly the physical history from forts to castles to caves- I now have a love affair with India!” – Jean Vedova (Canada), 2016


Exceeded my expectations. Everyday a sensory extravaganza. Very friendly people. Wonderful cows everywhere. Great food. Our TDA staff was wonderful. I loved India especially on a bicycle!” – Bryan Lorber (USA), 2016

Way Out

A great, exhilarating experience, A complete immersion in India, with a chance to meet lots of local people and see their daily lives.” – Yvonne Waalewijn (Netherlands), 2016

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Outta Sight

What’s not to enjoy? Your are completely immersed in a foreign culture with great people, riding 60- 140km daily (the roads and dirt tracks can be tough at times), interacting with the locals and seeing many sights. This is the way to truly get INTO a country. Make time and start pedalling.” – Hubert Schanne (Austria), 2016


Keep an open mind, embrace every part of the ride and don’t be afraid to stop along the way and take in all the sights and meet the locals. It will change your life.” – Denise Silk (Australia)


A fantastic trip. India is a country of great contrasts, with something fascinating around every corner. A riot of colour, sound, taste, and smell. Remarkably friendly people & tasty food. Go with an open mind and a willingness to be outside your comfort zone at times, and you will be rewarded with a pretty profound experience.” – Louise Sims (Canada), 2017


This is a wonderful, exciting trip to see India. India has a rich and diverse history showcased in the many castles and monuments that we had a chance to see. On a bicycle, one can get up close and personal with the people and the culture. I learned a lot about generosity and welcome. I was surprised at the beauty of the country and left a lot of pre conceived notions behind me.” – Richard Russek (Canada), 2017


Go on this tour with an open mind and expect every experience you can imagine to be just around the next corner or in the next village . A life changing experience, before riding my cycle from Delhi to Bombay I was seeing in black and white, I am now seeing in colour, loved every minute and made some life long friends.” – Dennis Wilson (USA), 2017

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What is the average age of the riders The days are long? Many hills?

    Hi Irene. The average age is typically 55. The rides are usually between 80-120km per day. There are hills but most people find it manageable. And we have support vehicles that have seen seating to take riders who aren’t able to ride. Let us know if you have more questions.

      I am quite interested but my husband is sceptical. I am 68 and he is 65,we both ride a fair bit but on mountain bikes. We are planning a trip somewhere? There are four of us so far. What time of year is the best time for weather conditions? Thanks for the quick reply. Any other pertinent information would be great. IRENE

        Hi Irene,

        You might want to review all our tour options using our calendar here… https://tdaglobalcycling.com/tour-finder/calendar/

        The weather to start the Hippie Trail tends to be mild with see chance of rain. As we get closer than Mumbai (and south of Mumbai along the coast) it will be hot and becoming humid but hopefully everyone will be acclimatized by then ?. Feel free to email if you have more questions… shanny@tdaglobalcycling.com

where are Nirmikas oool short Videos of Hippie Trail 2019?

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