UPDATED April 14, 2014

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Hippie Trail


UPDATED April 14, 2014

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Hippie Trail


The 2014 Indian Adventure – the riders speak out.

Making new friends in India

“Go for it! Discover a country on a bike is a brilliant way of travelling. You see a lot, you learn a lot and you meet interesting people.”

All together now

“Bring an open mind! Even though I was ill several times while there I really enjoyed the daily adventures such an open and curious people present to oneself while on the road. Every chai stop was an opportunity to have fun and experience something new. The best thing about both trips I’ve done with TDA is the amazing variety of people who decide to make such journeys by bike. We had a 44 year spread in ages on this trip and everyone got along, helped & learned from one another. I’m already looking forward to my next TDA adventure!”

Hanumaun temple devotee

“Get ready to be cultured shock at India. You will see most everything non-existent from a western culture. That in itself is a very good thing to experience.”

Isabelle 3

“If you are looking for a challenge and want to a ride of a lifetime, then consider the Indian Adventure. It will take you out of your comfort zone, expose you to different ways of thinking, and, in the end, be one of your most rewarding experiences.”

Through tea country

“Every day is entertaining. The Indian people are wonderful and the traffic is better than London (mostly).”

Joe 4

“Are you crazy? Cycling in India is not to be undertaken lightly; roads are rough, traffic can be frantic, health is precarious, but the experience is unforgettable, and keeps getting better!” – Joseph Lee

Kids at Badami

“Be prepared to experience a society very different from your own. Accept the inequality, poverty, environmental abuse without judgement. Enjoy the learning  and prepare yourself for dietary differences. Be a tourist on a bicycle not a social activist.” – George Browes

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2 Comments for "The 2014 Indian Adventure – the riders speak out."

I rode from Vic Falls to Windhoek this year with my partner Andy Brookstein who did the whole Cairo to Cape ride. Looking back I realise I could have pushed myself further and faster but it was a ride to see if I could do it at all, not to break any records.
Andy will do the Hippie trail in 2016 and I’m thinking of joining him. I’m a runner, not a cyclist so although i will be fit to ride I’m concerned about the roads and traffic. Can you give me more information on the conditions of both in India?
Also on the likelihood – high I should think – of getting sick and best precautions.
The TDA experience for me this year was wonderful. I was really impressed by all the organisation and the staff who were so friendly and supportive. The Hippie trail is tempting…

    Hi Maureen,

    I have emailed you the information you requested. The Hippie Trail is an amazing ride. India is like nowhere else in the world!

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