An Ode To The Journey

In the morning light Don Holshuh washes his dishes and you can just see the glimmer of tears running down his face. He says, “I can’t believe we’ve made it.” The riders are about to cycle the very last time together, into Cape Town.

It’s been a journey full of ups and downs, but after cycling nearly 12,000 km, more than most people will spend on their bike over the course of their lives, the riders are ready to close the book on this chapter.

The last week has not come without its challenges – battling the corrugated roads in South Africa and the strong head winds as we approached the ocean. Long days left some riders, like our 7 time sectional tour rider Bill Wilson, coming in just before dusk.

Despite the long days and final challenges this remarkable group of people have all kept smiles on their faces. Perhaps it’s the light beyond the horizon that has illuminated their spirits for this final push. With 11 EFI “Every Fucking Inch” riders who have managed to not miss a day of cycling over the course of 4 months, to the remainder of our full tour riders, we can feel the vibration of excitement in the air as the riders set out.

Friends and family anxiously awaited, and when riders were seen in the distance, cries of “They’re Coming,” could be heard. The final cycling day was  perfect, with a convoy right down to the beach and Table Mountain in the background.

It’s a strange feeling ending such an epic journey and the things that we have seen will be indescribable to most. Integration back into normal life from our travelling circus will, without a doubt, be difficult. We wish this special group of weirdos love and courage as they disperse back to their homes.

We also tip our hats and raise our glasses. A huge congratulations to all the riders this year! We made it, well done TDA 2018.

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Well done to all the riders. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You will miss it in the days, weeks and even years ahead. You will look back on the good times with fond memories and the bad times will fade from the memory. You will wish you were back there again.
Cheers to all who have been there and done that.

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