2017 Orient Express Riders Speak Out

We asked the cyclists who took part in the 2017 Orient Express Cycling Expedition what they thought of their experience. Here are some of their responses.

I enjoyed the tour especially Romania. Staff were all good. Food was good. Balazs is a great cook. A great enjoyable tour.” – Paul Doyle (Australia)

It exceeded my expectations from a staffing point of view. Having an experienced mechanic in Catalin was invaluable. Balajz was a great cook. Gergo and Ozgur were very good leaders.” – Randy Shier (Canada)

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Absolutely incredible. I would never have thought of riding Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria but I am so glad I did. Especially Romania. The riding made camping worthwhile.” – Gaye Swanson (USA)

The field staff worked hard to keep us safe and to provide a fulfilling trip for each participant’s hopes.” – Mark Brumbaugh (USA)

Excellent cycling experience with a safe, knowledgeable, fun, and organized, support staff. The variety of human and terrain geography seen along the route added to epic satisfaction of the tour.” – Sandy Shier (Canada)

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