UPDATED March 20, 2019

BY Henry Gold

IN South American Epic


UPDATED March 20, 2019

BY Henry Gold

IN South American Epic


Introducing the 2020 South American Epic

The word epic is so overused these days that it has begun to lose its meaning. So what do you do when your company creates a bicycle expedition like no other in the world? A tour that covers 13,405 km (8,330 miles), is almost half a year long (167 days to be exact), and goes through six countries from the top of South America all the way to the bottom?

Well, you can create a video that tries to convey the scope of the tour. Unfortunately, in today’s world, our attention spans are minuscule – a word which just happens to be the antonym of ‘epic’. And so you are left with only about 90 seconds before losing the viewer’s attention – assuming that you don’t have any cats or dogs in the video.

With those instructions, our intrepid office video makers Micah and Shanny came up with this. So, without further ado, I present to you the 2020 South American Epic.

One last comment – rumour has it that one of the best remedies to a short attention span is to go on a very long bicycle tour!


South American Epic

This challenging expedition offers you the best opportunity to explore the vastness and diversity of South America by bike. In keeping with the TDA...

2 Comments for "Introducing the 2020 South American Epic"

On my last login I read that you still ned a medic or medical person to acompany the South American epic tour 2020.
I wanted to bike it on my own, northwards from Ushuaia but it would be a nice alternative to join your tour the other way.
I am a gynaecologist, surgeon and I have worked on a remote station in the antarctic for an entire year. I am a delegate for the Norwegian Red Cross society with missions all around the world after natural catastrophes. My last mission was at the Red Cross Field Hospital in Bangladesh.
I love biking, my last tour was the Pamir Highway and I have done some long distance biking before.
If you are still looking someone, I am very interested.
Best regards
Annika Gross

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