UPDATED October 6, 2019

BY The TDA Team

IN Magical Madagascar

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UPDATED October 6, 2019

BY The TDA Team

IN Magical Madagascar

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The 2019 Magical Madagascar Riders Admit: “It Was Indeed Magical”

TDA truly does help ordinary people have extraordinary adventures. It was not a luxury tour, but every detail that could have been anticipated was thought through with care to ensure the safety and comfort of the riders. The positive attitude of the staff was “we will make it happen” when ever possible.” – Amy Jenkins (USA)

It was a memorable experience in so many ways. The scenery and sights were amazing and the country fascinating. The riding was challenging, but that is what makes it such a worthwhile experience, and the bond you make with the tour participants is so much stronger because you share so much with them. And if it is a hard day you meet the challenge together. There was a lot of time on the road and you get to see so much more of the little things that make the area than any other mode of transport. It felt good at the end of each day to arrive at the destination and there was always one of the tour leaders there to greet us, which was a lovely, welcome touch.” – Liz Crago (New Zealand)

I had a great time pushing myself to the absolute limit. Meeting new friends and seeing sights I never dreamed of seeing and being a part of. Thank you so much….” – Steve Caithness (New Zealand)

It was indeed magical.” – Jeanine Hartnett (USA)

I liked it so much, I booked another trip on week 5 of 6, even though I was bathing in a muddy stream after a long day’s ride.” – Stephen Owen (UK)

The tour was great! The route was great! The staff were exceptional!” – Brian Cebryk (Canada)

A fun ride with a great group of people.” – Alan Knight (UK)

I found this tour exceeded my expectations of both my own capabilities and what a bike tour would be like. For my first tour and really for my first time ever doing any distance cycling. I had a blast and only positive experiences!” – Charlene Cebryk (Canada)

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Magical Madagascar

Madagascar, the worlds’ 4th largest island, is certainly a world unto itself and is often referred to as the ‘8th Continent’. Geographically...

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