UPDATED October 16, 2019

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IN North American Epic

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UPDATED October 16, 2019

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IN North American Epic

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Viva Mexico Cabrones!

North American Epic Assistant Tour Director, Brazilian Carolina Ceravolo, welcomes the riders to Mexico and Latin America.

The riders have arrived in Mexico. From now on they are in Latin America. This is unexplored territory for most of them, which means it will be their first time feeling the “Latinos” energy, colours and sounds. In Mexico, they will be tasting real local spicy flavours.

They will have the chance to try small local restaurants serving one of the world’s favourite cuisines (according to many web rating sites). Taco Al Pastor, for those who don’t know, is a Mexican specialty made of pork meat seasoned with orange and local spices. Yummm!

Baja California, the first Mexican state they enter, is famous for having the biggest Natural Protected Area in the whole country – the El Viscayno Biosphere Reserve. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions and whale sharks.  This peninsula, surrounded by the sea, features delicious seafood like fish ceviche and shrimp tacos. Yummm!

It is not only TDA cyclists that visit the peninsula. More then 300 bird species migrate here every winter to escape the cold north. Here everyone enjoys the warmer location where the whole year it is very abundant in, well, in food. Yummm!


North American Epic

Cycling from the Arctic Ocean to Panama City will take you through 9 countries and countless variations in landscape, culture, language, cuisine and...

Some of the North American Epic riders are incredibly fast, eating up the miles, while others stop and eat at every opportunity, in order to cope with the heat of the Baja California desert. While pedalling among its giant cactus, coyotes, vultures, hawks, snakes and lizards, some riders can be found recovering their energy  by enjoying a delicious handmade quesadilla in a small village along the way. Yummm!

Quite often when we asked about directions in the towns we visit, the answer was “well, to get there is about 1 hour by bike”. Then we asked how many kilometres is it, they said “about 3 kms”. Well, these guys usually ride 100 km by lunch! That is why eating is such an important highlight on this trip! To gain back all the calories used by the cycling, there is no better way to do that than by enjoying all that amazing Mexican cuisine. Yummm!

Mexico and Latin America welcomes all the North American Epic riders and wishes them smooth rides, gorgeous views and much, much more delicious Mexican Food!

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