The 2020 Tour d’Afrique

“We don’t take a trip. A trip takes us.” John Steinbeck

If you have traveled during your life, you may have learned that sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. This is indeed part of the adventure of traveling, and it can teach us to accept adversity, and to even thrive in it. The truth is you can’t control everything that happens along a journey, but you can control how you feel and react.

This time around on our longest running tour, we have had to act, and make a decision regarding the global health emergency currently unfolding. The 2020 edition of the Tour d’Afrique has ended yesterday in the city of Arusha, Tanzania. Our staff in East Africa, as well as at our head office, are working diligently to make the transition of the participants from Tanzania back to their home countries as smooth as possible.

TDA, along with the entire travel industry, is experiencing an extraordinary challenge but the safety and the wellbeing of our participants continues to guide all our decision making.

This is how this one adventure has turned out, and we are looking forward to the next edition of the Tour d’Afrique in 2021.

Please also click here to see a message from TDA founder Henry Gold.

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