UPDATED March 15, 2020

BY Henry Gold

IN Company, Founder's Thoughts


UPDATED March 15, 2020

BY Henry Gold

IN Company, Founder's Thoughts


Coronavirus: A Few Words From The Founder


To paraphrase a famous quote, it is not the best of times but it is also not the worst of times.

With activities around the world in slow motion, with the exception of all the busy, dedicated medical and emergency personnel all over the world, many of us are spending more time than we would like, sitting inside and looking at one screen or another. For this reason I thought it would be nice to connect with the TDA community and bring you up to date on our comings and goings.

By now you may have heard that given the circumstances, we have stopped the 2020 Tour d’Afrique in Arusha, Tanzania. It was not an easy decision to make but considering the health and safety aspects, both of the riders and the many remote communities we go through, we felt it was the right thing to do.

Many of you also know that we have rescheduled the 2020 Journey to the East trip to 2021 with some riders rebooking, some being refunded and some changing their plans and booking other trips. We have other tours planned for this year and we will be making decisions on them as the situation evolves. Currently all other tours are running as scheduled and registration is open. As all of our participants already know, we will do the utmost to achieve the best resolution under the circumstances.

I also want to mention that many of you may feel downcast and vulnerable, those of us who have lived long enough, know that every crisis comes to an end and that better days do follow. Sometimes, it takes a bit longer but eventually the sun does come up and we humans are programmed to take advantage of the new day.

What I am trying to say here, though I may not be doing a good job, is that all is well here at TDA. I hope that the same applies for our community of riders, supporters and their families. We are dealing with problems as they come up. At the same time, we have not lost our perspectives on the longer term and are not only planning to continue with our planned tours, but also looking at opportunities for new ideas – possible new “pop up” tours and alumni meetings around the world. Of course, all this must wait for the virus to be brought under control, which I feel will happen sooner or later.

In closing, I would like to suggest that if you have any ideas or suggestions about what we should be planning and doing once the travel alerts disappear, please let us know. We are always stronger and better off when we pull ideas and energies together. Be well, stay well, keep in touch and remember, soon enough we will all be back in the saddle enjoying the sun, the wind and the freedoms and enjoyment that come with cycling.

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Well said Henry, wishing good luck to all TDArs. As I bounce around Morocco trying to get back to uk.

Thanks. You did a good job.
Eric Secher

I would hope that in considering whether certain trips should still currently be going ahead as planned – such as the Pub Ride in May- that TdA takes into consideration a broad range of issues that may impact on the trip itself as well as the ability of participants top get to and from various parts of the world.
Whilst I am aware that various parts of Europe have implemented a range of measures from banning of mass gatherings, suspending football games, shutting bars and restuarants, restricting movement (even by bicycle), to shutting down and closing their borders – and that such measures may still be ramped up further.
From here in Australia we too are being impacted.
Qantas and Virgin Australia have gone from cutting back on international flights one week ago to grounding their fleets until at least the end of May. We have gone from banning non-Australian citizens/residents from hot-spots including China, Iran and Italy, to requiring all arrivals to self-quarantine for 14 days, to now banning all arrivals by plane and sea for non-Australian citizens/residents. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have now increased the travel advisory for all Australians to the maximum level, going from please reconsider non-essential overseas travel to “Do not travel overseas at this time. If you wish to return home, do so as soon as possible”.
At this stage we do not know how long such restrictions on travel and airline operations will remain in place, but word is it could be for at least for 4-6 months.
Not only do various governments want to “flatten the curve”, they are probably most mindful that if they ease restrictions too soon that there may well be a secondary spike in infections and deaths.
So, is the Pub Ride really going to go ahead as planned, or should it without too much more delay be cancelled for this year?

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