UPDATED September 29, 2020

BY The TDA Team

IN Canada Coast to Coast


UPDATED September 29, 2020

BY The TDA Team

IN Canada Coast to Coast


Canada Coast To Coast: You Want It, We Got It


The TDA team has recently been very busy working on finalizing our 2021 Tour Calendar. After a disappointing, to say the least, 2020, we wanted to make sure we had something for everyone. We also intended to cover all our bases. Let’s see – Asia has the Bamboo Road, Journey to the East & Trans-Himalaya, Africa has the Tour d’Afrique & Magical Madagascar, South America has the South American Epic, Europe has the Pub Ride, the OdysseyOrient Express & Trans-Europa, Oceania has the Trans-Oceania…hmmm what are we missing here? Oh, right, North America!

Which brings us to our newest cycling adventure – Canada Coast to Coast. We believe this tour, running over 6,000 kms from Vancouver to Halifax, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, from Beautiful British Columbia to Historic Nova Scotia, really does have everything you could want in a cycling experience…

You want exciting cities?

Vancouver, British Colombia

You want mountain scenery?

Lake Louise, Alberta

You want open skies?

Canola field, Saskatchewan

You want snow?

Sorry, no snow. The tour takes place during Canada’s admittedly brief summer!

You want wildlife?

Brown bears, Alberta

You want lakes?

Lake of the Woods, one of Ontario’s 250,000 lakes

You want history?

Ottawa – Canada’s capital and home to 7 national museums

You want delicious cuisine?

Poutine – Canada’s national dish – fries, gravy & cheese curds

You want Europe?

Quebec City’s old town – a taste of Europe in North America

You want high tides?

Bay of Fundy – home to the world’s highest tides

You want to join us?

Yes, please. Register now!



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My daughter and I biked across Canada in 2007 to celebrate her graduating and my retiring. It was OUTSTANDING. Everything you have said and the pictures describe exactly our experience.
Each province is so different. What a wonderful country we live in. I am so happy to see Canada on a bike as I feel that I really know it now.

When is this trip? I’m interested!?‍♀️?‍♀️?

    Hi Brenda, June 20 – September 4 next year. Hope you can join us. Please email eva@tdaglobalcycling with any questions.

Ditto. Cycled Vancouver-Halifax in summer of 2018, and came away from it with a far more informed, intimate understanding of my country. People and geography are amazing! Even though long stretches of prairies and forests have many moments of beauty in them. Hi, and be dazzled!

Will this trip be going? Can I see the entire route map?

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