UPDATED September 12, 2020

BY The TDA Team

IN North American Epic

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UPDATED September 12, 2020

BY The TDA Team

IN North American Epic

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Riders On The 2019 North American Epic Speak Out


The 2019 North American Epic Cycling Expedition was our highest rated tour ever in terms of rider reviews. Here is what some of the cyclists thought of their incredible cycling experience.

Riders relax by Muncho Lake after a long day on the road

You can really go wild on this tour. Dip in the Arctic Ocean. Camp with grizzly bears. Gravel grind for days. Enjoy endless summer sunlight. Fend off countless mosquitoes. Race bison along the road. Enjoy hot springs on a rainy day. Spot eagles, bears, lynxes, bobcats, elk and moose (all in the same day!). And this is just for starters before you even leave Canada.” – Mark Heim (USA)

The Dempster Highway

The Arctic Spirit was exceptional because it was a unique opportunity to cycle the new road from Tuktoyaktuk to Inuvik and the Dempster Highway with the support of an experienced outfitter. Highly recommended” –Steve Wahl (Canada)

Relaxing riders after a long and hot day of cycling in Mexico

Each day brought new experiences and for me, new challenges, which I embraced as best I could and was always happy with my performance at the end of each ride. Every rider brought something positive to the group as a whole. There was always lots of encouragement and positive words offered by every rider and always lots of smiles at the end of every day. All staff contributed greatly to the overall success of the tour.” – Bonnie Blundon (USA)

One of our last pristine turquoise Canadian lakes before crossing into the USA

The scenery was spectacular. Some of the climbing was very challenging. (eg Flaming Gorge). The field staff are very, very good and are really what make TDA trips special.” – Richard Russek (Canada)

Carmel summits the arduous Teton Pass

Great group of cyclists, lots good banter, fun excursions along the way, good food and cold beer.” – Carmel Morsi (Australia)

A starry Wyoming night at camp

TDA tours are the complete package: outstanding staff, challenging routes and unparalleled adventure.” – Cindy Smith (USA)

Chris happily speeds ahead of the group one early Yukon morning

From the shores of the Arctic Ocean to the Panama Canal- Beluga Whales and Bison to Monkeys, Sloths, Macaws and Toucans- Truly the trip of a lifetime! What better way to experience the North American continent with all your senses? The people, the culture, the Landscapes- priceless!” – Chris Wille (Canada)

Kim, Debbie & Svend jump for joy in the Navajo Reservation

This was the perfect tour for me: the variety of environments we cycled through was more diverse than on any other tour – I used the word ‘awesome’ far too much; the people, both staff and fellow cyclists, made the difference between a good trip and a great trip.” – Debbie Jenner (UK)

A warm storm off in the distance from camp in Utah

Fabulous tour full of incredible jaw dropping scenery, diverse culture, wonderful people including the riders and staff.” – John Hemmen (USA)

Judy stops to take in the scenery overlooking Glacier National Park

A wonderful experience which certainly took me out of my comfort zone. The staff were excellent and all the food supplied by TDA was nutritious and filling.” – Judy Sole (New Zealand)

A glorious gravel road in the heart of Montana

Riding the tour teaches you to go beyond what you think your own personal limits are and realizing that you can accomplish it.” – Edward Sokol (USA)

Benedicte & Kim celebrate their arrival in Panama City!

A magical experience in remote areas but always well guided and feeling safe. I loved every minute. The staff and other riders made it the most memorable adventure!” – Benedicte Therien (Canada)

Jess passes the local church in Granada, Nicaragua

Fantastic staff and brilliant support means that all you have to do is ride, eat, sleep, repeat – it’s perfection! Beware, these tours are addictive – I already signed up for the next one while I was in the middle of this one!” – Jessica Moyer (Canada)


North American Epic

Cycling from the Arctic Ocean to Panama City will take you through 9 countries and countless variations in landscape, culture, language, cuisine and...

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