UPDATED June 25, 2021

BY The TDA Team

IN Pura Vida


UPDATED June 25, 2021

BY The TDA Team

IN Pura Vida


Pura Vida – The Best Of Costa Rica


Join us in December for an amazing 3 week ride around Costa Rica. The Pura Vida Cycle Tour is a 1225 km adventure that includes 16 cycling days and 3 rest days. Pura Vida means a ‘pure life’ – laid back, healthy and fun – and that is exactly what this tour will bring to the cyclists who pedal through this beautiful, peaceful country. Riders will experience some incredible scenery, challenging rides and friendly people.

Cristiano Werneck, who has led our cycling adventures in Africa, Asia and North & South America, will be the Tour Leader and is eager for the Pura Vida to begin. He explains that, “Pura Vida, Costa Rica’s life motto has never been more appropriate. Life is good and it is good to be alive! There is light at the end of this tunnel, so Pura Vida! Costa Rica is doing well on its vaccination campaign, so Pura Vida! We are finally feeling confident enough to start traveling and organizing trips. Very Pura Vida! Once winter comes, we will go and ride in tropical paradise. What a better way to celebrate being alive than to spend 3 weeks on the best beaches and jungles of Costa Rica reminding each other and being reminded by the locals that “life is good? Pura Vida!

Registration is open but space is limited! Please email us with any questions you might have this incredible cycling adventure. Tour details can be seen here.

Here are just a few of the many highlights:

Arenal – Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Caves & Waterfalls

Volcan Arenal

Monteverde – Cloud Forest Canopy Tours, Butterfly Gardens & Wildlife Night Tours

Walk through the treetops

Beaches Of The Nicoya Peninsula – Coco, Samara, Tamarindo & Montezuma

Montezuma Beach

Manuel Antonio National Park – Rainforest Wildlife, Hiking Trails & Sea Kayaking

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Parasio Quetzal Lodge – A Chance To See The Resplendent Quetzal, Sacred Bird Of The Mayans

Male Quetzal


13 Comments for "Pura Vida – The Best Of Costa Rica"

Can you please tell me about the acomadation on the Costa Rica trip

    Hi Mike, this is an all hotel tour. I will send you some more details via email.

Sounds like a great trip. Is this a road bike trip? A mountain biking trip? My wife and I are road bike riders and this sounds like a nice warm weather destination.

    Hi John For this tour, we recommend a touring bike with 40c tires. The route is approximately 25% on gravel, and those who value comfort over speed may prefer to use a mountain bike with front suspension.

What are the exact dates? Do you have to do all three weeks. Do you have space for one more couple fully vaccinated.?

    Hi Erik I have sent you an email with all the details.

I can’t do this tour in 2021, but might be interested in the future. Do you expect to offer it again? And do you anticipate allowing electric bikes?

    Hi Steve, it’s very possible we may run the tour again in 2022. Stay tuned for updates! I will send you an email with more information regarding bikes.

What is the cost? Are sections possible? Is there a route map? Will you offer it again? Exact dates? E-bikes?

Could you send me the details on this trip please.

Do you ever offer solo occupancy rates for your tours?

    Yes, we sometimes offer a single supplement. In this case the tour is almost sold out so a single supplement is no longer offered.

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