UPDATED February 24, 2023

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique Cape to Kili


UPDATED February 24, 2023

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique Cape to Kili


Cape to Kili: A New Tour d’Afrique Experience


A new Tour d’Afrique in reverse from South to North starting late August 2024

We are thrilled to introduce Tour d’Afrique Cape to Kili – a new two month expedition in southern and east Africa scheduled for the second half of 2024. With the four month Cairo to Cape Town event sold out until 2026 and with a long wait list that continues to grow, we wanted to find a way to offer MORE Tour d’Afrique for all those hoping to cycle with us in Africa. Many have asked in the past about going South to North. Now is your opportunity to join our most popular event and cycle from Table Mountain in Cape Town towards the Roof of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro.

Starting in Cape Town we pedal on city bike paths with Table Mountain over our left shoulder. The group will head north – a first for the Tour d’Afrique – through the Cederberg Mountains, across the Senqu River into Namibia, past the stunning red dunes at Soussusvlei then east into Botswana and the famous Elephant Highway section of the tour. From there, a stop at Victoria Falls and Lusaka before reaching lush and vibrant Malawi. We cruise downhill towards Lake Malawi and then head north into Tanzania where the red earth meets the deep green forest roads that cut through the centre of the country. From there it isn’t too many more days before we reach the end of our journey, with Mount Kilimanjaro towering above us in Moshi, Tanzania.

This trip is a great opportunity to cycle the Tour d’Afrique and explore parts of Africa that few other cyclists have seen. The tour will take 66 days total, will be primarily camping and supported by the same trucks and system as our annual 4 month Tour d’Afrique.

>>Learn more: Click here for all the dates, details and prices

What’s the Route Like?

We asked our Operations Manager Miles MacDonald why it was decided to create this new version of the Tour d’Afrique. “We wanted to give those who are keen to cycle the southern portion of the Tour d’Afrique the chance to do so next year, rather than needing to wait till 2026 or later. It’s also exciting for us to try this Cape to Kili version of the Tour d’Afrique, and we are ready for some incredible adventures!”

Our longtime head of Operations in Africa is Sharita van der Merwe designed the route. We wanted to know, does this follow the same route as the regular Tour d’Afrique? “For most of it the route is the same. Only 2 areas where it’s slightly different. In South Africa the route will go through the Cederberg Mountain range and then rejoin the traditional route at Strandfontein on the Atlantic coast. The other area in Tanzania we will go toward Lake Manyara for a rest day and do a loop to the north before we turn towards Moshi.” And regarding the weather that time of the year Sharita added “Overall it will be slightly hotter as we are heading into summer in the southern hemisphere. The big rain in East Africa starts in March or April and then again, small rains in June & July. So, rains are not an issue for this tour. The wind I think will be more in our favor in Namibia in some places.” She added “It will be interesting to see the same route from a different direction. And I’m sure there will be some surprises along the way.” There always are!

The Cederberg Mountains route is not new to us. Those who participated on the Tour d’Afrique 2014 will remember the route. Here is a comment from one of the participants. “This year the Tour d’Afrique scouted a new route through South Africa that would take riders through the Cederberg Mountains, citrus farms and rooibos tea plantations. What a great idea, as the route is spectacular! The roads have been mostly dirt with some pavement thrown in the mix. There have been epic climbs, crazy beautiful vistas and breathtaking sunsets. Riding past the citrus farms smelled just as you would imagine an enormous juice box would.” One of the drawbacks to that route in 2014 was the time of year (May) made it quite chilly for the Tour d’Afrique riders in the final days of their four month tour. But for the Cape to Kili temperatures will be more ideal in August and September as the southern hemisphere moves into the summer months. And everyone’s legs should be a bit fresher for the climbs too!

We asked TDA’s founder Henry Gold what he thought about the new Tour d’Afrique option. “For me the most exciting part of doing the CT to Kilimanjaro is the opportunity to see how different the areas we normally cycle looks at different time of the year. For example, starting in Cape Town in the spring with the scent of wildflowers along the way, and the sight of them carpeting the fields, should be a feast of the senses.”

Sharita, who is highly experienced with Tanzania and the various cycling options available, designed an interesting ending to the tour which includes Lake Manyara as an added bonus. As she said last year “Tanzania has it all. Blue skies, sunshine, fresh air, wildlife, craters, …friendly locals, bumpy roads and beautiful baobabs. What more can I say… nothing beats an African sunset. Inshallah, we will have a few of those.”

Follow the link for full descriptions of the route, pricing, dates and details…


Tour d'Afrique Cape to Kili

With iconic Table Mountain as the backdrop, the cyclists will head north with Mount Kilimanjaro – known as the Roof of Africa – as their...


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I have done the traditional tour in 2019. Sharita was marvelous then, so am sure we have a well designed tour.

I am interested in this tour. Could you send more info. Dates, prices, requirements etc

    Hi Gillian, I have emailed you this information.

Are the Covid Vax required for this trip

    According to our COVID protocols – It is strongly recommended that each participant is fully vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine and has received a booster dose within the last 12 months. In addition, many countries still require COVID vaccinations for entry.

This is awesome!
Could you email me the details too please?
So cool!

    Hi Marie, Ok, I have emailed you the information.

Please would you send me details and prices

    Hi Jill, I have emailed the requested information to you. Hope you can join us!

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