Knee How, Sin Chow, and Sah Bye Dee: Language on the Bamboo Road

Whether spelled phonetically or accurately, all three of these words have become important parts along the Bamboo Road. Each word serves as a traditional greeting in Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Lao, respectively. Hello and other common greetings are usually the first phrases our riders learn when entering a new country, often from friendly people passing by and shouting it our direction. This is frequently the easiest and quickest of new words for us to pick up since it is heard and used so often, but how many other words each of us learn is a personal choice and often based on necessity.


Lovely, Laid-Back, Laos

As I sit here on the shady, quiet grounds of the Champasak Palace Hotel, a simple gesture reminds me what I love about this country.


Our amazing local support

Without the help of someone like Zabi, running a tour in China would be near impossible.


A Tale of Two Cities

After weeks of riding through China’s interior where foreigners seldom reach, Hong Kong was a culture shock.