UPDATED April 16, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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UPDATED April 16, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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Rider Profile: Robert Rowley (Full Tour)

From: Houston, Texas

Age: 55

Occupation: Investor

Where and when did you hear about TDA?

I heard about TDA from a cycling buddy, Jack Penn on April 7 2010. It was on his bucket list, and it sounded so challenging and a way to strengthen my right knee, so I signed up for it a year later.

What is the best thing about your bike?

The best and worst thing about my bike is its stiffness. On pavement it responds like a sports car but on the dirt it doesn’t run at all.

How’s your body holding up?

I am still eating a lot and gaining back the 10 lbs. I lost in northern Africa. I’ll continue digging deep into my reserves to keep me cycling to Cape Town.

My back hurts the most; it’s weary from bending over the handle bars. I have to do a lot of yoga.

Do you like the food on tour?

The food is good especially the vegetarian but we’ve had to deal with some tough meat a few times unfortunately.

What is the best way to communicate with the locals?

With a charming smile and kid around with the kids.

What is your impression of Africa?

It’s a raw, dark, warm and remorseless continent!!!! I LUV IT.

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