UPDATED May 28, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Bamboo Road


UPDATED May 28, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Bamboo Road


Bamboo Road Bicycle Expedition

The Bamboo Road Bicycle Expedition will weave a magical path between two of the world’s Alpha cities – Shanghai and Singapore. Between our departure from the historic Bund in Shanghai and your first sip of a ice cold Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel in Singapore you and your bike will experience three months of intense, incredible, exhilarating cycling.

Shanghai and Singapore. Two fascinating, cosmopolitan Asian metropolises soon to be connected by the pedals of your bicycle.  Many of us have criss-crossed this beautiful area on a ‘shoestring’ over the years. Now return with us and spin through the gorgeous countryside, revel in some of the world’s best foods and enjoy the unsurpassed hospitality of the region’s people.

The Bamboo Road Bicycle Expedition meanders through China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand & Malaysia; through stunning mountains, along sparkling coastlines, into misty valleys, beside historic waterways, into small villages and ancient historic sites; this bicycle expedition will reveal South Asia’s endless charm.

On your rest days enjoy a boat trip through the spectacular Ha Long Bay outside Hanoi, shop until you drop in Hong Kong, spend 2 days cycling through the world’s largest Hindu Temple complex – the incredible Angkor Wat,  kayak the turquoise waters off Ao Nang on the Thai coast or climb the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

The expedition features  73 cycling days, averaging 110 km each, broken up by 16 rest days & 1 travel day for a total of 90 days.

Accommodations are in comfortable budget hotels. Single supplement available on request.


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I could be interested for 6 weeks,and I would appreciate to know the amount ?
Thank you.

jean Turcot

    HI Jean, We would love to have you with us! What dates were you interested in? Or which section would appeal to you?

The Bamboo road expedition sounds like a blast, and I’m excited about registering and signing up for the whole thing, Shanghai to Singapore . I see that besides the cycling days , and rest days, there is one travel day, is there a section of this trip that can’t be done by bike?

    Hi Ian, The travel day is a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau. Cycling that small distance would not be very enjoayable and the ferry ride is beautiful. Hope you can join us.

My only excursion to Asia was a hiking trip in Nepal.The Bamboo Road looks like a total immersion into amazing landscapes and cultures so different from ours. I cannot wait to get to Shanghai and meet up with cycle friends from three previous tours. Hooked on cycling? You bet!!!!

Eric and Mike,
I just sent an earlier email. Hope one of these reaches you.What are you two up to now? Anxious to know. Is this a pre tour for you guys for the fall?


can anyone join this event? if so, i am very much interested. can you please provide me the details.


[…] The Bamboo Road Cycle Expedition is taking place soon in South East Asia. This expedition features 73 cycling days, broken up by 16 rest days & 1 travel day for a total of 90 days. On cycling days riders will travel an average of 110 km per day. The expedition takes riders on a 10,000 km journey through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. […]

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